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Debunking Blue Monday!

Make It Yellow – the happiest and most positive colour of all!

Monday 18th January is the most depressing day of the year - or so we're lead to believe.

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Well, actually, it was made up by psychologist, Cliff Arnall, 17 years ago, who was commissioned by a travel company to come up with reasons to book a holiday without any real 'science' behind it at all. Yet here we are, all feeling 'blue' perhaps more so because we think we should be today.

OK, granted, January is infamously the worst month of the year. The festive fun and excitement has given way to cold and dark winter days and nights (and this year we're in lockdown too!). Some of us are partaking in 'Dry January', whilst others are trying to shift a few pounds and payday is still a couple of weeks away. OK, the outlook is a bit bleak, yet, being an eternal optimist, why should we succumb to the 18th's depressing attributes?

And what's so bad about blue anyway? Many blue things are beautiful – tropical seas, cloudless skies, butterflies and flowers. However, if you are feeling depressed, unsettled, anxious there are professionals who can help you – you are not alone. Do not suffer in silence. At the bottom of this page I have listed organisations that can help you.

Here's what I propose - how about we turn this Blue Monday into Yellow Monday (considered the happiest of all colours)? Think of the dazzling sun, daffodils, lemons (especially in a G&T for those not partaking in 'dry Jan') and consider today #motivationalmonday for your work goals and personal ones too!

Mondays are the start of a new week. New goals. New opportunities. New challenges to over come. New adventures. New people to meet (OK, albeit over Zoom).

For SME business owners it's advisable to start the new week reviewing your current cashflow situation. Do you have working capital? Has the pandemic affected your income? Well, in that case consider one of the many SME finance options available to you; and with our help it can be arranged quickly and without any hassle – we even manage all the admin on your behalf.

  • CBILS Loan Scheme
    The Government backed lending scheme, extended until 31st March, the CBILS is available at low rates, on flexible terms and with nothing to pay for the first 12 months.

Notoriously hard to arrange by yourself, as an approved broker I can arrange this for you quickly and easily; what's more I boast a 90% + approval success rate.

  • Consolidation
    By consolidating your existing debts, we can potentially help you lower your monthly repayments into one easy to manage payment. Our expertise in the market place enables us to negotiate with your current lenders, and propose any better terms where appropriate.

  • Invoice Finance
    Would you like to ensure a robust cashflow and protect against late paying customers? Invoice finance pays up to 90% on all issued invoices within 24hrs (with the balance paid when your customer has settled). It also has an optional credit control facility, and complete accounting function on a secure online portal for total control over your issued, paid and outstanding invoices. With over 44k UK businesses using an invoice finance facility it's the UK's most popular form of alternative finance.

  • Unsecured Loans
    Unsecured loans are extremely popular with SME businesses during these current times. You do not have to risk your personal assets being seized in the event of any repayment issues you might experience.

  • Multifaceted Finance Solutions
    Many businesses have a number of considerations to contemplate when thinking about finance. Typically, for many businesses, one finance option isn't the best fit and a multifaceted approach is needed whereby a number of different and targeted finance options are utilised to best support that business.

  • Bad Debt? No Credit? No Problem
    Our targeted approach to sourcing suitable and tailored finance solutions for your SME business means that even if you have been refused finance in the past we have relationships with lenders who will arrange to support your business even if you have bad or no credit history.

I'm Not Your Typical Broker

As one of the UK's few truly independent brokers, I have over 28 years experience of the UK lending market. Boasting fast track status with many lenders, often arranging your SME finance faster and on better terms than if you were to go direct, I have access to the entire UK lending market. Not bound by any targets, contracts or bonuses I only recommend the finance solution that fits your needs with completely impartial, unbiased and honest advice.

Feeling Alone, Depressed, Anxious – Here's Professional Help

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, stressed - not just today but any day - there are a number of professional bodies you can speak to. You are NOT alone and there is help and advice just a phone call away – remember, it's good to talk.

Mind – 0300 123 3393

Therapy For You – 01268 739128

Samaritans – 116 123

Young Minds – 0808 802 5544

Shout - 85258