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Maintaining a truly independent role in a complex market for 25 years

We do not charge you, the client, for our services. Instead, we are rewarded by the lender on a success only basis. With access to the entire market, we have a reputation for getting facilities agreed faster, and at better rates than if a client were going direct.

Unlike other brokers, we pride ourselves on our Independence. We deal with a huge number of lenders, both in the UK and overseas and will work hard to understand the needs of your Business before we introduce you to who we believe to be the most suitable lender. There is only one thing that will make us choose one lender over another: whether they’re right for your business.

It’s common for Clients to shop around to make sure they get the best deal. This is rare for CCF Clients, and those we place stay with their lender for many years. It’s because we do the job properly in the first place, not just dealing with the immediate requirements of a Client, but making sure they are with a lender that can support their plans through the lifetime of their business.

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