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Are The Complexities Of A CBILS Loan Putting You Off Applying?

Applying direct for a CBILS loan is notouriously difficult, not however with our expert help and guidance. 

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CBILS loans offer financial peace of mind in the face of the global pandemic to thousands of SMEs, including our client, Your Studio.

With superb terms, low rates and nothing to pay for 12 months, it's little wonder businesses are taking advantage of this cost effective way to gain additional cashflow and working capital. It's exactly the reason Your Studio, a leading global design studio, favoured a CBILS loan. Yet, CBILS are plagued with complexities. There is little room for error when applying.

That's why Founder and CEO, of Your Studio, Tom Philipson, approached us, here at Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) to arrange their CBILS loan.

Read his story....

Why Did You Consider A CBILS Loan?

The CBILS finance option meant that we could protect the future of our company from any unknowns. It gives me peace of mind that we have a cashflow fall back, along with financial stability to safeguard the company.

How Did You Come To Use Capital Corporate Finance?

Carole and her team were recommended to me by my bank. They were not in a position to assist with a CBILS application; yet their dealings with Carole over the years meant they knew we would be in expert hands.

Did CCF Help You To Understand What Was Needed Within The CBILS Application?

Carole was very thorough in her explanation of how the CBILS application would work and what was needed. She's very easy to understand and as a result finding the right information to support our application was an easy process. She was then able to collate it all and put together a comprehensive application.

How Easy Did You Find The CBILS Application With CCF's Help?

The application was effortless and trouble free. Carole knew exactly what information was needed so we simply provided it. It really was an incredibly simple and straightforward exercise with her help.

Would You Consider Using CCF For Future Financial Arrangement Needs?

Most certainly; in fact I've already recommended her to several contacts. Should we need to arrange additional finance I will be contacting Carole and her team straight away. Carole is great to work with – she's personable, doesn't baffle you with technical jargon and gets the job done. It saved a huge amount of time and effort.

However, for many SMEs, they are finding the complex application process difficult; to which many are having their CBILS application declined.

In fact, just 50% of applications have been accepted nationwide. Again, it's down to the difficult, arduous and very precise details expected. It's this wealth of information needed in the CBILS application that we here at Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) are experts in; and that has seen our acceptance rates exceed 90%.

As an independent broker, with expert knowledge spanning over 27 years, and our access to the whole CBILS lending market, we are best placed to arrange CBILS lending for up to £500k.

Our clients, when using us to arrange their finance needs during the pandemic, are finding the entire process stress free, taking away the timely burden a CBILS application can entail.

This is why it works:
It's because we are a truly independent broker, in fact we're the longest established independent broker in the UK. It means we have access to the entire UK lending market. We are not tied to any contracts, targets or bonuses. We are not duty bound only to approach lenders who we have relationships with. It means we freely approach the lenders right for your business, without bias. We only offer free, impartial and honest SME financial advice all the time, every time.

Curious to learn how CCF can help you achieve financial stability?
Call our Founder, and Managing Director, Carole Roe, today on 07785 596053, or email her on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk 

Together we can do this!