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What MY Independence Means To YOU

As one of the very few independent brokers in the UK, I wanted to take a moment to explain what this means to your business, and how important it actually is.

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By being 100% independent it means I only offer impartial, unbiased and honest advice when it comes to offering you financial solutions to your business borrowing needs.

It means I am not working against any targets, contracts or commissions with specific lenders; instead I have access to all UK lenders with no incentives.

My choosing to be independent is my moral obligation to you and your business. My advice is based on what's best for your business, not what's best for mine. It might well be that a traditional lending option, such as a loan or unsecured loan is the right solution; yet it may also be that you are better placed with an alternative finance option such as invoice finance, or very targeted and specific lending options such as asset finance, bridging loans, VAT loans, stock purchase funding, long or short term finance, even same day funding.

By having no ties with any lenders I only contact those that best suit your needs – and I'm not just talking about the actual finance option but also the principals and working ethics of the lender. You see, the relationship a business has with it's finance provider is very important.

My independent experience – of over 27 yearsand valued reputation in the finance industry means that with many lenders I have certain privileges– this means I benefit from fast track status resulting in your application being processed far more quickly, and often at better rates, than going direct.

I apply no fees or charges to my advice or to arrange your business finance, I am remunerated directly by the lenders, with no hidden costs associated to your lending.

It's this independent broker status that I believe gives Capital Corporate Finance the 'edge'; and it's why I've won many awards.

What's more, I am also one of the few brokers, authorised and approved, to arrange CBILS of up to £350k – of which I boast a 90% success rate in applications against a mere 50% nationwide.

So, to reiterate...

  • Independent broker for over 27 years
  • Multiple award winner
  • Access to all UK lenders
  • Not fixed to one type of finance – entire lending options from traditional to alternative
  • Fast track status with many lenders
  • Usually arranging finance quicker and at lower cost than going direct
  • No fees or charges
  • 100% honest, impartial and transparent financial advice
  • Authorised to arrange CBILS loans of up to £350k

To look at your financial solutions contact me directly on 07785 596053, or you can email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk