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Multifaceted Lending Solutions

Often, the solution to a complex finance problem will mean a multifaceted solution.

Only an experienced and independent broker is in a position to advise on this.

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An experienced and independent broker like Capital Corporate Finance - CCF.

You see, not being tied to any lenders, contracts or targets means that versatile solutions can be presented made up of an intelligent mix of tailored finance options. This can range from a business having specific lending to fit within each business need – a traditional loan for a cashflow injection combined with invoice finance to manage cashflow for instance. Or stock finance in addition to a trade finance facility.  There are a lot of options, but knowing how they can best fit together can take a bit of skill and expertise.

Multifaceted Case Study:
A small business, operating for over 10 years, in the hand hygiene arena, was able to thrive in the COVID pandemic. A huge new business opportunity was presented to them – an order for over £1million from a large fast food giant. However, their cashflow would not cover their manufacturing and production costs.

In less than 24hrs, CCF was able to arrange a trade finance deal that secured lending to fund the cost of production, whilst also securing an additional invoice finance facility to manage their ongoing cashflow.

Independent Broker for 27 Years
CCF has provided SMEs with honest and transparent financial solutiuions for over 27 years. Their knowledge, experience and impartial view of the market means they are highly regarded in the industry, having developed special relationships with lenders based on their professional approach and their reputation of bringing quality deals to the market. It also sees them have privileges – like fast track status – to arrange business lending quickly and on often better terms than if a business was to go direct.

COVID Cashflow Solutions
In the current economic climate, many businesses are looking at types of finance they may never previously have considered for many different reasons: stock finance to maximise recent opportunities, cashflow injections to aid their COVID recovery, consolidation loans to reduce existing payments or re-financing deals to support long term strategies.

CCF implemented a clever and cost effective multifaceted finance package.” David Finch, Ercol Furniture

What’s more, as they have access to the entire market place - a myriad of traditional lenders, dynamic lenders and alternative finance providers - all types of financiers can be approached to ensure the very best finance solution is achieved.

For CCF, no finance problem is ever a problem - as M&A Advisory cite, they are yet to know of a complex financial predicament that CCF cannot provide a solution to – having used CCF for years.

There are no fees or charges, or hidden costs associated to your lending when using CCF – they are remunerated by the lender directly.

To find out how your business can benefit from a multifaceted finance solution contact CCF Founder and Managing Director, Carole Roe, directly on 07785 596053 or email carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk