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Acquisition Loan Secured Amidst COVID Pandemic

In the thick of the COVID pandemic, M&A Advisory are still assisting acquisitions for many businesses.

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During this time one particular acquisition came up against a finance issue – the buyer’s original funding was taking far too long to acquire, 7 weeks and still nothing (apart from more hoops to jump through). Yet the buyer still wanted to proceed – they had invested much time, effort and money into getting it this far - but time was running out and the entire deal was at risk.

M&A Advisory knew exactly how to help - by putting the buyer in touch with Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) and its Founder, Carole Roe.

Here, M&A Advisory’s Managing Director, David Blois, shares how in this scenario CCF saved the deal and why those looking for finance solutions should approach Carole and her team.

This pandemic makes for a difficult financial climate and time was of the essence in this particular acquisition; as a result I had no hesitation in contacting Carole Roe at CCF.

In this particular scenario, our buyer’s lender had taken over 7 weeks to present a lending solution – the deal was reaching crisis point and the delay was jeopardising the entire deal.

Carole came in, took one look at the circumstances, devised a targeted and dedicated lending proposal which was funded within just a few days.

The deal was saved and completed soon after.

From past experience I know Carole proactively arranges finance, often thinking outside of the box to present multifaceted solutions for clients.

However complex a financial predicament might be, nothing deters Carole and I’ve yet to know of any situation where she cannot come up with a solution.

As an experienced independent broker, Carole has built up unique relationships with both traditional and newer, dynamic lenders. She is in a position to be able to adjust and tailor their offerings to better suit the borrower – I know this because she has presented many customised lending solutions to my clients over the years. In short, I trust her implicitly.

Unlike many finance providers Carole doesn’t make distant promises – her knowledge, integrity and transparent way of dealing with her customers ensures the right outcome for all. That is why I whole heartedly recommend Carole and the CCF team.”

For more information on how CCF, Founder and Managing Director, Carole Roe, can help your business, call her direct on 07785 596053 or carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk

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Capital Corporate Finance are authorised and approved arrangers of CBILS loans.

As an approved broker to package and propose CBILS loans to key lenders, SMEs have peace of mind that their application for this Government backed lending system will be packaged in a professional and financially sound way with circumstantial evidence to support their application – vital in securing a positive outcome.

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