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Capital Corporate Finance - authorised to package and propose CBILS Loans to key lenders

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We are delighted to announce that Capital Corporate Finance has become an authorised introducer to a number of the new providers of CBILS loans in a bid to assist SME businesses secure the finance they require.

It’s our knowledge, experience and trusted reputation within the market place that has resulted in a number of high profile lenders giving us authorised status, something few brokers can boast.

Our expert team can arrange a CBILS loan on your behalf. We ensure your application is put together in a professional way, with sound evidence to support your proposal, thus ensuring the best possible outcome for your business. It’s the quality and weight of this proposal that can be vital to your application. Arranging it yourself can be overwhelming, yet with our help, experience and guidance your application will be strong and more likely to succeed.

The CBILS scheme offers SME businesses a Government backed loan and at preferential rates, when a lending facility is unlikely to be approved under normal commercial terms.

A CBILS loan could offer your business a safety net, especially when cashflow has been disrupted by late paying customers, lost income or bad debt, all issues being faced by many businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working on your behalf, we will arrange your CBILS loan ensuring you have access to the funding you require quickly, efficiently and effectively.

We can propose CBILS lending of up to £250k and on exceptionally good terms.

Like all our services, there are no fees or charges for us to arrange your CBILS finance. We are remunerated by the lender directly – this remuneration is not added to the cost of any funding you receive.

As an independent broker for over 27 years, Capital Corporate Finance offer honest, transparent and impartial finance advice to SMEs. We are not tied to any lenders, targets or contracts so therefore our only incentive is to provide the best finance options for your business needs.

Let me take care of your CBILS application without further delay.
Call me, Carole Roe, directly on 07785 596053 or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk