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‘Sofa-So-Good' For Ercol Furniture

Here, Ercol Furntiure, give a detailed account of their financial needs, CCF's solutions in what was a complex and difficult re-finacing order. 

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We have always talked about the importance of finding the right finance to grow your business. That right finance isn’t just terms and rates; it’s also about the relationship and understanding the provider has with the investee.

It’s this match that we, here at Capital Corporate Finance (CCF), pride ourselves on. You see, with the right finance you can achieve your long term growth, expansion and development plans.

Here, we speak to David Finch, Finance Director, Ercol Furniture, a family run business, established for 100 years; discussing how we secured the right finance with the right lender...

Why Did You Choose CCF To Assist With Your Finance?
Initially Ercol were talking to other lenders, however, they didn’t fully understand the complexities of our situation, nor were they presenting viable options. I knew we had to get Carole involved. She was ‘tried and tested’ through a company I had previously worked for. There, she implemented a clever and cost effective finance package and I knew that Carole’s knowledge and understanding was just what we needed for Ercol to achieve its long term goals.

What Was Your Objective In Your Finance Requirement?
As a company we needed to obtain finance in order to maximise our new long term strategy;all the while ensuring our debtors, stock and property were unaffected.

What Is the Biggest Benefit of Using Capital Corporate Finance?
Carole is leagues ahead in terms of matching up the suitability of the finance provider to the investee. Anyone can lend money, but if that ‘anyone’ doesn’t understand the investee’s business and the challenges they face, the entire arrangement can break down. It’s essential financial business sense to me for the provider and investee to work coherently together.

As Capital Corporate Finance is 100% independent it meant Carole was able to approach the lenders she knew would support our vision and goals from the entire UK market. Knowing she isn’t tied to any lenders, contracts or targets gives you peace of mind that everything she does is for the greater good of your business.

Carole’s ability to match lenders to investees is unsurpassable.

Had You Considered All The Finance Options Presented?
Carole presented lenders with a multifaceted finance solution. It included secured lending, as well as a short term loan to see us through the refinancing period. She also suggested invoice finance which meant we could control our cashflow, negating any burden placed on us by late paying customers. This has meant our working capital has enabled us to grow and also to build up stronger relationships and negotiate better terms with key suppliers.

Why Would You Recommend Capital Corporate Finance?
If you want professional, unbiased and efficient finance advice then look no further than Carole and her team. She has, and always does, exceed our expectations. She’ll not only save you time but money too.

Let Carole help your business reach finaical stablity; maxmising future opportunties and taking it into the new decade. Call her direct on 07785 596053.