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Support For SMEs Declared VITAL to UK Recovery

SMEs are to play a vital role in the UK's economic recovery against the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result, a wide range of supporting finance options are available to SMEs for financial stability. 

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Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, cited that “despite acute pressures on SMEs, the current crisis presents a historic opportunity to recast the UK business environment.”

He also went on to say that whilst some SMEs would see disruption, for others it would mean opportunity.

Therefore, it's vital that this opportunity be aided with specific finance packages supporting growth and development because cashflow and working capital are just as vital whether you’re trying to expand, survive, or take advantage of new opportunities.

A great deal of different types of finance is available to SMEs, from a very large range of lenders.

Gone are the days of having to approach only traditional lenders and high street banks for funding. Yet, it's a complex market out there, even more so in the current climate.  By using an independent broker, like myself, there will be finance offers from a mix of new dynamic lenders, traditional financiers and alternative providers.

My independent status means I can freely approach lenders I know will be most suited to your business needs - not simply just those lenders that other brokers may be tied to and bound to approach. I have access to the whole UK lending market and in most cases direct contact with underwriters, which can speed up the process considerably. At Capital Corporate Finance, we ensure your business finance application will contain all the information a provider will need to know – this ensures you'll be accepted and not refused, thus not negatively effecting your credit score.

The process is simple...

  • Call us – 07785 596053 - we'll discuss your needs, assessing what type of finance, or perhaps even a multifaceted finance solution, is best suited.
  • From this information, and our experience – over 28 years – we can provide no obligation, indicative quotes for you to gauge how much your finance will cost and on what terms.
  • If you are in agreement with our proposals we will source confirmed offers of funding from the most suitable lending providers.
  • Once you have agreed on the finance option from our suggestions we'll even manage all the paperwork and administration for you.
  • Funds are arranged and usually in your bank within a few days.

All of the above ensures you have the right finance from the right lender. It usually means that future finance deals can be arranged at even better rates as you won't need to 'shop around' because we'll have paired you with a lender that completely understand your business needs, is approachable and wants you to succeed. We do our job right, first time, every time, so you are supported for the life of your business.

There are no charges or costs for myself and my team to arrange your SME finance, we are remunerated directly by the lender.

The right finance can actually make or break a business. You can't stay afloat without money – it's vital, just like the UK's reliance on your SME to get us through this global pandemic. That's why it's my business to make your business the best it can be. Call me today and see what we can arrange for you. My direct number is 07785 596053.