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Entrepreneur Women Inspired To Start Up Own SMEs

Huge numbers of female entrepreneurs have been inspired during lockdown events to set up on their own, becoming SME business owners.

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The pandemic hasn't been all doom and gloom; quite the contrary for many. It's given them, and by 'them' I mean women, the incentive to take that giant step towards starting their own business.

A recent survey, by women-only group, AllBright, revealed that a quarter of it's women members have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to set up their own business; whilst 74% of members are actively looking to move from employed status to business owners.

This is fantastic news as female lead businesses, in recent years, have grown ten-fold. There's never been a better time to take that leap of faith and branch out – in fact, last year, MasterCard revealed that the UK is within the Top 10 places for female start ups.

As many of you will know, I am an avid supporter of women in business; regularly promoting the #womeninbusiness and #womeninfinance movements.

I have spent the last 27 years running a successful independent finance brokerage in a very male dominated world. I know the struggles and the challenges women face. That's why I am calling out to women across the country who are looking to set up on their own and need help and advice when it comes to sourcing the appropriate financial backing.

As an independent broker I am offering you free financial help and guidance in the funding of your new business venture.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that finance was only available to you, as a start up small business, from your bank but you'd be wrong – very wrong. There are hundreds of different lenders available to you, as a new business, offering finance – if you know where to look.

As one of the few independent brokers in the UK, I have access to the entire lending market. I also know which lenders support start ups, and as a woman-lead enterprise be able to secure a yes to your lending. Equally as important, I know those to avoid who would refuse your application and potentially damage your credit score.

Just because you are female does not mean you should miss out on the same opportunities or financial solutions available to your male counterparts. My reputation and experience in the finance market gives me fast track status with many lenders - regardless of my clients' gender - often allowing me to arrange your finance cheaper and at better rates than if you were to go direct.

The right finance for your new business venture may be a loan, alternative finance, invoice finance, stock finance, peer to peer lending, a commercial overdraft for example. I will be able to assess what finance option would be right for you in an informal and friendly telephone chat, or if you'd prefer over a video call. I will then be able to give you indicative quotes for numerous lending options.

I do not charge for my services, I am remunerated directly by the lender, without any fees or charges being applied to your finance. I offer only honest, impartial and expert advice; what's more I am a nice person to deal with too!

So ladies, lets unite together – after all, the future's female!

Together we can make your dreams a reality – just call me on 07785 596053, or you can email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk