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Female Founders Missing Out on Venture Capital Funding

A report has highlighted the unfair advantage male business founders have over women, purely based on gender.
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Yet again, I saw a report, this time research commissioned by the Government earlier this year, that highlights the unfair advantage male business founders have over women, purely based on gender.

The report found that a whopping £5 billion of funding a year goes to those companies with no females on their set up teams; with a mere 1% going to female led start ups.

Ladies – listen up!
Finance is available to both men and women.

FACT: Finance is a crucial part of business success, growth and prosperity.

Finance is NOT something to be wary of. Business finance is something to be embraced. Speculate to accumulate! As Liz Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, tells the Telegraph, “female entrepreneurs need to celebrate making a profit” and be “less squeamish about making money”.

Finance is a crucial part of business success.
Having the backing of finance enables a business to grow and thrive, securing working capital for...

  • Employ new staff to boost productivity

  • Larger premises to cope with additional production

  • Capital to secure better terms from suppliers

  • New technologies to spear head product development

  • New machinery to increase output

FACT:The same report cites that a business will increase its value with a secured loan against it.

Believe Me, I Should Know
As a successful woman in business I know how difficult it can be in a seemingly ‘man’s world’. As a woman in finance for over 25 years, I have conquered this male dominated sector to become a leading authority of the independent broker market, and expert witness in alternative finance.

Women, and men, alike come to me, at Capital Corporate Finance, secure in the knowledge that my unrivalled expert knowledge will guide them through the maze of finance options.

Join them; discover that finance isn’t as scary as you thought, realise the amount of varying and truly flexible business finance options available to you, whether you’re a start up entrepreneur or an established business, such as...

  • Invoice Finance

  • Secured and Unsecured loans

  • Peer to Peer lending

  • R&D tax credits

  • Merchant cash advances

  • Overseas banking

  • Stock finance

  • Asset release

  • Cashflow loans

Easy, Quick & In Plain English
Whether you’re a start up or established business, I will convert the technical jargon of terms, fees and small print into plain English for you to understand.

I will provide you with indicative quotes after just one call. I will deal with all the administration for you, on your behalf, presenting a range of options that best suit your business needs.

My expertise and experience has earned me fast track privileges and as such I can arrange your finance quicker, and usually, cheaper, than if you were to go direct. And because I am independent I am not bound by contracts, lenders, quotas or targets so all my advice is unbiased, impartial and objective.

So what’s stopping you?
It’s not just a man’s world, it’s your world! So, call me, directly, today on 07785 596053, or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk