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UK In Top 10 For Female Entrepreneurs

Great news for British female entrepreneurs and start ups...
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In a recent survey by MasterCard, it’s been revealed that the UK has made it into the top 10 places in the world for women to be in business.

The recent Rose Report stated that the UK economy could be worth an additional £250bn through the progression of female entrepreneurs. However, women entrepreneurs feel they are less likely to be taken seriously and as such believe they are less likely to secure funding for their business.

Whilst female entrepreneurs are reportedly the fastest growing demographic in the UK, it’s a far from rose tinted outlook; there’s still a long way to go.

Increasingly, women have been struggling to secure finance. In fact, earlier this year it was revealed that £5million of funding a year going to male start up lead businesses, with a mere 1% going to female led start ups. It’s little wonder therefore that only 1 in 3 entrepreneurs is female.

Women are increasingly doubting their own abilities to start their own businesses, and even less confident in securing finance – often self funding.

Yet, without finance your business won’t survive. You need finance to get your business off the ground. You need finance to grow, expand and thrive.

So let me get serious. The fact is, yes, there are lenders out there with a male bias. However, there are a myriad of companies with no gender bias at all; and I know which ones.

Here at Capital Corporate we are firm supporters of the #womeninbusiness and #womeninfinance movements; providing advice, support and guidance for women in their search for business finance. Whether that finance is for entrepreneurs to realise their dreams, for start ups to get off the starting block or established businesses maximise their growth, CCF will find tailored and suitable finance.

Our independent status means we can search the whole of the market; combine that with our expert and unrivalled knowledge of the market place, we know exactly what lenders prefer what businesses.

We also know when a traditional loan might not be the better option; we know when to recommend alternative finance for instance. What’s important is we find the right finance for each and every business. We can do this because we aren’t tied to any contracts, targets or lenders.

Few other brokers can say that – in fact, we’ve been saying it for 27 years, that’s because Capital Corporate Finance is the longest running, truly independent broker in the UK!

Yes, it can sometimes feel like it’s a ‘man’s world’ but that shouldn’t stop you – it should drive you!

You can realise your dreams!

You can do this!

And with my help, financing your business dreams will be possible.

Call me directly on 07785 596053 or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk