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Your Ultimate Guide to SME Invoice Finance

You can and will get your invoices paid on time with invoice finance. Here's your utlimate guide on the UK's most popular form of alternative finance.

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Invoice finance is a guaranteed way to ensure your SME has a robust cashflow, getting paid on time, every time, regardless of how late your customers pay.

It’s quick. It’s simple. It couldn’t be easier.  

Here's your ultimate guide to how it will transform your SME. 

Issue Your Invoice
You invoice your customer as usual.

Copy In Your Finance Provider
Upload a copy of your issued invoice to a secure online portal.

Paid Within 24hrs
Up to 90% of monies owed on each issued invoice is in your bank account within 24hrs (balance when customer settles).

Customer Collection Managed On Your Behalf
Optional credit control facility means payment from your customers is managed by your finance provider if you wish.

Comprehensive Accounting Portal
Your secure, online accounting portal details all invoices issued, advanced, settled and outstanding. 

Balance Paid
Once your customers have settled their invoice you are paid the balance of your invoice.

Fluid Cashflow
Your business is advanced owed monies tied up in issued invoices within 24hrs to ensure you have a fluid cashflow and access to working capital, always.

Promotes Business Growth
SMEs with an invoice finance facility grow around 10-12% faster than those businesses without it.

No Risk
There is no risk attached to your invoice finance facility; that’s because it works by using your debtor book – your business’s most valuable asset - to advance monies owed to provide vital SME cashflow. Your collateral is your issued invoice, therefore no machinery, premises, vehicles etc. are at risk because it isn’t a loan, you’re not borrowing or being loaned anything.

Negotiated and Set Up In Two Weeks
Invoice finance is quick and simple, with my help, to set up.  My independent broker status means I have direct contact with decision making directors to ensure your invoice finance facility is arranged quickly, yet most importantly with the provider who is best placed to help your individual business, understanding the industry you are in.  Usually, your facility can be set up and fully operational in around two weeks, but we’ve done this in days should you have an urgent requirement.

Call me direct - 07785 596053 - and I’ll guide you through your options that best suit your needs, choosing from invoice finance, confidential invoice discounting and selective invoice finance. 

With 30% of SMEs waiting over 3 months to get paid, isn’t it time you arranged your invoice finance facility today?  Call me on 07785 596053 or email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk.