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Why It's Time To Invest In The Future Of Your SME

Investment in your business is key to growth, let alone its survival. We know this and want to share our knowledge with your SME business; it's time to invest.

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Investment can help your SME grow; allowing you to recruit the best staff, move into larger premises and upgrade to better technologies for example, all of which add to the success and profitability of your business. Businesses that do not invest grow stagnant, waste growth opportunties and ultimately will be pushed aside by their competitors.  

Without investment how can your business achieve these things? Does it have enough working capital, currently? Unlikely given the previously 18 months. A robust cashflow? Again, unlikely if your customers are late payers, themselves under cashflow pressure following the events of the last year.

That’s why smart businesses use investment funding, and why, in a recent report, a quarter of those SMEs asked cited that they would be investing more than ever before as they looked to come out of the pandemic and aim for recovery.

Sound SME investment can secure:

  • Larger premises
  • Improved terms with suppliers to maximise economies of scale and purchasing power
  • Increase qualified staffing levels to bolster productivity
  • Advanced technology upgrades to increase output
  • A boost to manufacturing capability with improved machinery

Nowadays, investment is available in many forms, not just traditional loans, especially when a business is using a qualified, knowledgeable and independent broker such as Capital Corporate Finance.  Even if you’ve been refused finance in the past or simply have a bad credit rating.   My team and I  will secure you a great SME finance deal, guaranteed. 

SME finance can include secured and unsecured loans, stock and asset finance, invoice finance, either on selective invoices or your whole turnover .  Multifaceted options can also be arranged to suit all aspects of a business with a clever mix of lending options.  Yet, you won’t necessarily know which finance solution is best for your business or which provider will agree to your lending unless you talk to an expert, like myself.

Whatever industry you are in, I will be able to secure finance. As an independent broker,  I have full access to all UK lenders, and I am expertly placed to match a business with a suitable lender, ensuring your business meets a lender’s criteria. As a result, you will not be met with any refusals, instead only underwritten offers will be presented.   

It’s a common myth that only struggling businesses use finance. In fact, the most successful and fastest growing businesses wouldnot be where they are without it.

SMEs are widely urged NOT to use personal finances to support a business – for one thing it risks personal assets like your family home or vehicle, not to mention credit cards, mortgages etc., it’s incredibly expensive, and borrowing from friends and family is a risky business.

With direct access to underwriters and decision makers I secure SME finance faster than a business can themselves directly, and I can usually secure it at a much lower rate too.

Now we see our way out of the pandemic, lenders have returned to pre-pandemic levels with a range of excellent funding options on offer. 

As the backbone of the British economy, it’s vital that SMEs are supported, and UK lenders are offering their full support. As a result, flexible terms, low rates and some even without any early repayment charges or payment holidays are available to SMEs, whether you are a start-up or established business. 

Invest in your business’s future today by calling me now.  As the UK’s longest established independent broker, for more than 28 years, Capital Corporate Finance is a name you can trust.  So, call me, Carole Roe, directly on 07785 596053 or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk