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SMES: Time To QUIT Personal Bail Outs

SMEs - if you are using your own personal finances to bail out your business then stop!

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Two fifths of businesses are using personal finances.

This is NOT advisable. You're risking your business. You're risking your personal assets.

It's time to QUIT!

The professional and most cost effective way to fund your business, whether that's for expansion plans or to help you through the challenges presented by 2020, is through tailored, specific business finance. Not credit cards which are costly, re-mortgaging which is misguided, and certainly not borrowing from friends or family.

Perhaps, like many business owners, you think you can only obtain funding through your bank. Yet, what if they have declined a previous loan or aren't offering you the most favourable rates? Are you put off? Highly likely, and this is when many turn to personal finances to bail you out.

The fact is, you can source your SME finance through many different means which include going direct to lenders or using brokers, such as myself.

In fact, recent research shows that three quarters of SME owners are looking to invest and secure finance for 2021. These savvy business owners won't risk their homes, cars and family stability. Instead they will take the professional route – suitable and targeted business lending.

As an SME your choice of finance and funding options are huge – for example:

  • Short and long term loans
  • Invoice finance
  • Secured and unsecured lending
  • Asset finance
  • Stock finance
  • Same day lending
  • Peer to peer lending

Yet, you're not going to know necessarily which of these finance options is most suited to your business – it might even be one or more would be beneficial. That's why you should be talking to an independent broker like me.

Capital Corporate Finance is 100% independent; in fact, we are the longest established UK broker in the Invoice Finance market– boasting over 28 years in the business! It means we only offer impartial, unbiased and honest advice when it comes to offering you sound financial solutions to your SME business lending needs.

As a result, we are not working against any targets, contracts or commissions with specific lenders; instead we have access to all UK lenders with no incentives.

Ready to make a change? Then call me, Founder and Managing Director, Carole Roe, today – my direct line is 07785 596053 or you can email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk