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Why Do I Need Invoice Finance?

Perhaps the actual question should be, why do I need to be paid on time?

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The answer, of course, is quite obvious… to pay your own suppliers, to pay your staff, to keep cashflow in the bank for growth opportunities, financial security, peace of mind… do I need go on?  

Without prompt payment your business is at risk of failing.

FACT: 50% of business fail after 5 years due to lack of cashflow.

That’s why your business could benefit from invoice finance.  You’ll be advanced up to 90% of your issued invoices within 24hrs, the balance paid when your customer settles, whether that’s 30 days, 60 days or more. What’s more, there’s an optional credit control facility included within your invoice finance facility, so you don’t need to waste time and money chasing payment.

FACT: 43% of businesses spent £4.4bn cashing late payment last year!

Your business cannot survive without being paid on time. Currently, more and more SMEs, just like your business, are experiencing ever worsening late payment.

FACT: 48% of businesses have seen late payment worsen during the pandemic.

If your customers are notoriously bad payers, then I urge you to consider invoice finance.

FACT: 46% of SME invoices are paid late!

Late payment is crippling.  It stunts your growth. And in the worst case scenario sees small and medium sized business like yours go bust!

Protect your business.  Protect your cashflow. Protect your future by realising the benefits of invoice finance:

  • Invoice Finance Poses No Risk To Your Assets

Invoice finance does not use your business or personal assets as security, it relies instead on your debtor book and issued invoices.

  • Invoice Finance Is More Flexible Than Traditional Finance

Invoice finance grows with your business, organically. There’s no need to keep extending your facility (unlike a traditional loan or overdraft) as your business grows;  it flexibly works alongside your issued invoices to provide a fluid cashflow, always.

  • Invoice Finance Pays You On Time, Every Time

Invoice finance will advance you up to 90% on your issued invoices within 24hrs, guaranteeing you cashflow and working capital to keep your SME financially secure.

  • Invoice Finance Allows You To Grow Your Business Faster Than Those Without It

Being paid on time means you’ll have cashflow to settle your own bills, secure larger contracts and negotiate better terms with your own suppliers – all this leads to stability and growth.  

  • Invoice Finance Is Quick and Easy To Set Up

Invoice finance is easy to arrange. In a call with CCF I’ll match your business to the most suitable provider. It’s quick too, we usually have your invoice finance facility set up and fully operational within two weeks.

Over 55,000 UK businesses are enjoying the benefits of invoice finance, so why don’t you join them?

Ready To Be Paid On Time?

Call me, Carole Roe, Founder and Managing Director of CCF today – we can meet, we can chat over the phone, we can have a Zoom / Teams meeting. My direct line is 07785 596053 or email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk

As an independent broker, I have access to the entire UK invoice finance market, with many I have coveted fast tract status.  As the first broker in the invoice finance market decades ago, I am an expert witness on the subject, and so there is no one better placed to arrange your facility than me.

No Charges, Or Costs, To Arrange Your Invoice Finance

You will not be charged when you use me to arrange your invoice finance, nor are there any hidden costs associated to your facility. I am renumerated directly by the lender.

Let’s Do This, Let’s Secure The Future Of Your SME
Call me today – Carole Roe, 07785 596053 or email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk.