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STOP PRESS – MAJOR Extension For CBILS Lending

CBILS loan applications have been extended by eight weeks, to the end of November, plus repayment terms have been extended. 

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CBILS loan applications have been extended by eight weeks – businesses therefore now have until 30th November to apply for this Government backed lending scheme, of up to £5m.

  • Repayment terms extended to ten years, from six
  • Businesses now have until 30th November to apply

What's more, the Chancellor also announced an extension in the repayment terms, increasing them from six years up to ten.

As a result, a rush on CBILS loans is expected.

Many businesses are now assessing and reassessing their financial stability, carefully looking at their need for cashflow to see them through the next few years as the country, and the world, look to recover as a result of the Covid pandemic. A CBILS loan could help one business recover, another to maximise growth.

FACT: CBILS applications taken until 30th November

CBILS have been extremely popular with UK businesses who are taking advantage of the flexible lending terms – low rates and nothing to pay back for 12 months for example. The loans are ideal for a business to secure its recovery and growth. With excellent repayment terms and low rates.

However, CBILS can be notoriously complex to apply for. Details provided by businesses need to be exact. Turnover, forecast, ledgers and such like need to be presented – errors can have a detrimental impact on an application. Nationwide, around 50% of applications are being accepted, however, here at Capital Corporate Finance – one of the few brokers authorised to arrange CBILS - boast a 90% acceptance rate.

FACT: We have access to over 40 providers of CBILS lending; this means we can tailor your application to the provider who is the best match for your business.

We are authorised to propose the Government backed CBILS loans:

  • We arrange loans of up to £500k
  • We arrange your CBILS in around 36hrs – some even arranged and confirmed on the same day
  • We boast acceptance rates of 90%
  • CBILS loans have a 12 month repayment grace period
  • No early repayment penalties
  • With low rates between 3 - 6%

FACT: We boast a 90% acceptance rate for CBILS

Applying through us is easy. We know exactly what information is needed to support your application. We present this to the right lender, best suited to your needs, in a professionally sound way and as such your business has a 90% chance of having it's application accepted.

We make no charges nor apply any fees to arrange your CBILS lending. We are remunerated by the lender directly.

As a wholly independent broker, for nearly 28 years, we offer only expert, honest, impartial advice.

To gain financial stability and peace of mind for your SME business contact me, Carole Roe, directly today. As the Founder and Managing Director of Capital Corporate Finance I am waiting for your call - 07785 596053, or email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk