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Major Rush On CBILS Expected:

More SMEs Will Need CBILS in Q3 To Survive Pandemic

However, rushed, panic applications result in errors leading to refusals for many SMEs. 

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Many SMEs are expected to need a CBILS, or similar Government backed loan, in August and September. This will create a spike in applications as businesses urgently arrange finance to see them through the pandemic.

As lockdown has been easing, and businesses are able to up their production, productivity and bring back employees, now is the time that they are even more reliant on a robust cashflow and access to working capital. Access to a CBILS loan or similar will be vital.

SMEs are urgently applying for loans, some businesses understandably in a state of panic or confusion about what’s available, however, many are making costly mistakes and errors in their applications. This can result in being refused a loan under the complex and often difficult application process. As a result, nationwide acceptance rates are just 50%. Yet, here at Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) our acceptance rates are a staggering 90% +

We are authorised to propose the Government backed CBILS loan to numerous lenders:

  • We arrange loans of up to £350k
  • We arrange your CBILS in around 36hrs ( this past week we have turned several round same day )
  • We boast acceptance rates of 90% +
  • CBILS loans have a 12 month repayment grace period and no early repayment penalties
  • With low rates between 3 - 6%

If you think your business could benefit from a CBILS loan then get in touch with me today! I manage the entire arrangement process – guiding you through the application process and submitting a proposal to the most appropriate lender on your behalf. It's vital that you present an accurate and professional application – failure to do so will most likely result in a refusal.

It's with our help and expertise that you'll have the best possible chance of a successful CBILS application; and quickly too!

Call me today - my direct line is 07785 596053, or you can email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk