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Instant Payment On Invoices Takes Just 15 Minutes To Arrange!

In just 15 minutes you can secure your SME’s cashflow and have invoices paid immediately.

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Forget late paying customers exceeding your credit terms; waiting 40, 60, even 90 days + to be paid.  

With an invoice factoring facility (also referred to as invoice finance) it means your issued invoices will be paid within 24hrs!

And all it takes is just a 15 minute call with me to arrange!

Invoice factoring works by using your debtor book to receive instant payment on issued invoices.

  • Your debtor book can actually be your business’s most powerful and important asset!

Unlike many traditional loans or overdraft facilities your vital machinery, stock or premises aren’t put at risk.   With invoice factoring there is no need for lending or borrowing to see you through until your invoices are settled. You are simply advanced monies owed, releasing monies from unpaid invoices.

Invoice factoring is the UK’s most popular and successful form of alternative finance.  It offers not only peace of mind to nearly 50,000 UK businesses but it frees up working capital and gives SMEs a fluid cashflow.

There are tailored invoice factoring facilities for all businesses, including…

Recruitment                Construction               Export                         Transport

Manufacturing            Wholesale                   Media & Marketing   

The detrimental effects of late payment include not being able to pay staff and not having the cashflow to expand.  Or worse still, failure!  Do not risk the survival of your SME – without any cashflow over 50k businesses every year fail. The results of late payment are “toxic”!  

FACT: 1 in 7 businesses are being forced to employ dedicated members of staff to chase overdue invoices.

FACT: 27% of SMEs say they would be in a stronger position to grow if it wasn’t for late paying customers. 

Managing your invoice factoring facility couldn’t be simpler…

  • Issue your invoice as normal, copying in your invoice factoring provider.
  • You are advanced up to 90% of each invoice value within 24hrs (balance paid when customer settles).
  • Comprehensive invoice data – issued, outstanding, paid – available to view on secure online portal.
  • Optional credit control facility so invoice payment by your customers is managed on your behalf if you wish.
  • Your invoice factoring facility grows with your business, meaning it does not need constant renegotiation which could stump growth at critical times.

As a well known industry figure, an expert in alternative finance with over 30 years experience in the invoice finance market, there is nobody better placed to arrange your facility than me.  

What’s more, my independent broker status sees me have access directly to decision makers and underwriters. This means your facility is set up quickly and usually fully operational within two weeks.  

There are no charges or set up fees for me to arrange your invoice facility. I am renumerated directly by the lenders without any hidden charges applied to your facility.  

So, what are you waiting for? Call me NOW and start getting your invoices paid straight away! Call me, Carole Roe,  directly on 07785 596053 or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk