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CBILS / Bounce Back Loan Repayment NOW DUE

CBILS and bounce back loans will need to be repaid as the initial 12 month payment holidays expires.

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If you took a Government backed CBILS or bounce back loan last year it’s likely you will be needing to start the repayments on this any time soon as the initial 12 month payment holiday expires for early uptakers.

Yet, many SMEs are struggling to find the cashflow to repay these loans.

Whilst many SMEs are making a strong recovery as the UK embraces an easing of lockdown, increase in spending and renewed confidence, late paying customers are still a huge burden to many businesses.

What’s why, along with a number of SME finance options available to small and medium sized businesses, many SMEs are turning to invoice finance to give them a robust cashflow and working capital, all without the need for additional borrowing.

It means, with invoice finance, CBILS and bounce back repayments can be managed without placing a business under further pressure.

You see, that’s because invoice finance, also referred to as factoring, is not a loan. It is an ongoing advance of monies owed on issued invoices.    

  • Invoice finance secures payment of up to 90% on issued invoices straight away – balance when |
    client settles.
  • Cash in your bank within 24hrs.
  • It cleverly uses your debtor book as your most powerful asset in your fight for prompt payment.

Monthly repayments of a CBILS and bounce back loan are achievable when a business is being paid by its customers promptly, yet how often is that?  Late payment is getting worse, that’s a fact.

Many SMEs are being crippled by late payment, waiting over 60, sometimes even 90+ days, for their invoices to be settled.

Invoice finance is the UK’s most popular and effective form of alternative finance, benefiting over 50,000 businesses; and you can see why…    

  • Issue your invoice as usual.
  • Access your funding within 24hrs (up to 90% of each invoice value - balance when your
    customer settles).
  • Facility provider arranges invoice payment from your customer.
  • Your entire sales ledger management information – invoices issued, funded, settled – are
    available on a secure online portal.
  • Inclusive of an optional credit control facility.

What’s more, an invoice finance facility helps a business grow faster and quicker than those without it – typically at around 10-12% increased growth.

You can arrange your invoice finance facility in just 15 minutes through me, here at Capital Corporate Finance – the UK’s longest established, independent broker.

There are a number of invoice finance options to suit your business:

Invoice factoring – pays within 24hrs, up to 90% of invoice value (balance when invoice is settled) with an inclusive credit control facility to ensure payment of your issued invoices.

Invoice discounting – a confidential facility whereby your customers do not know about your facility yet supports your cashflow in the same way as factoring.

Selective invoice factoring – all the benefits of invoice factoring but choosing to factor selected invoices, ideal for businesses with seasonal highs and lows or ad hoc larger invoices.

Call me directly today!
I will arrange your facility, from the UK’s entire network of providers, quicker and cheaper than if you were to go direct, matching your business to the right finance provider.  What’s more, there are no charges or fees to arrange your facility as I am renumerated directly by the provider without any hidden charges or costs associated to your facility.

My direct line is 07785 596053 or email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk