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Carole Roe - Invoice Finance Switching Specialist

Major sportswear brand switch invoice finance provider in just 10 days thanks to Carole’s industry reputation and knowledge.

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Carole Roe, Founder and Managing Director of Capital Corporate Finance – CCF -  is a well know figure in the Invoice Finance market, having established her business almost 30 years ago as the first independent broker in the market.

Because of this unrivalled experience and knowledge, Carole is best placed to arrange invoice factoring – also referred to as invoice finance – for your SME.  You can call Carole directly on 07785 596053.

Invoice finance is a clever, cost effective and efficient way to boost your cashflow by using your debtor book, often a business’s most valuable asset, advancing up to 90% of your outstanding invoices within 24hrs (balance paid when customer settles).

Carole’s knowledge is unsurpassable. Her reputation within the industry is enviable. And as an independent broker she has unrivalled access to all UK providers.  They know who she is, respect her and offer her a unique and coveted ‘fast track’ status for her clients, usually arranging your invoice finance facility faster and at lower rates than if you were to go direct.  

This is evident in all the arrangements she manages. Just recently, Carole arranged a bespoke facility for a leading sportswear brand*. 

With ambitious growth plans, following a surge in online orders during the pandemic, new product investment and a restructuring of its operations, the brand's existing finance facility needed to be reviewed.  It was evident that a new facility, from a new provider, would be necessary.  They were introduced to Carole at CCF in order to find a new facility provider along with negotiating an exit from their existing provider.

“Carole was able to match our needs perfectly to our new provider from all available UK providers because she is an independent broker; it genuinely meant she could review every provider in the UK to best meet our needs, finding us the best deal with room for growth and support.”  

Carole’s knowledge of the market place meant a new facility could be created whilst a clean and swift switch from their old provider was achievable.  This was only made possible due to the relationships she had with the incumbent lender and its team – over 25 years. What’s more, this switch, due to Carole’s involvement, saved the sportswear brand a considerable amount of money.

“We appreciated the way Carole handled the whole situation, due to her knowledge, expertise and associations within the industry.  The power of genuine relationships – which Carole boasts - is often undervalued.  It’s what Carole stands for, what she represents that enabled us to secure the deal we signed. We truly believe this would not have been possible without Carole’s involvement.”

Despite the fact that this was a large deal and the facility was moving from one provider to another, the entire operation was a slick one with no disruption to customers and no negative impact on cashflow whilst the transfer was taking place.  Carole worked closely with the management team, dealing with all the required administration, thus the invoice factoring facility was arranged in just 10 days.  Let Carole arrange your facility – call her directly today on 07785 596053.

“We spoke to Carole on the Thursday and by the following Monday we had signed our new invoice finance facility.”

Here at CCF we believe no other broker is better positioned to arrange your invoice finance facility.  No other broker has as wide access to providers, or the relationships that make tailored facilities possible.    In many cases, Carole is recommended to SMEs by banks and finance providers as they value her unique insight to the SME finance market

“We would most certainly recommend Carole to fellow businesses, and most certainly an invoice finance facility.  It gives us a constant cashflow without the need for borrowing, with working capital to support our growth plans.  Carole’s USP is Carole herself and that’s what secures your business a facility that perfectly meets your business’s needs.

Invoice finance offers a range of facilities to help and assist businesses like yours secure a fluid cashflow, access to working capital and peace of mind, especially at a time when late payment is worsening and its damaging effects are placing SMEs under a lot of pressure.  Choose from a range of factoring options: 

Invoice factoring – pays within 24hrs, up to 90% of invoice value (balance when invoice is settled) with an inclusive credit control facility to ensure payment of your issued invoices.

Invoice discounting – a confidential facility whereby your customers do not know about your facility yet supports your cashflow in the same way as factoring.

Selective invoice factoring – all the benefits of invoice factoring but choosing to factor selected invoices, ideal for businesses with seasonal highs and lows or ad hoc larger invoices.

Invoice factoring is suitable for all types of businesses, including:

Recruitment                Construction               Export                         Transport

Manufacturing            Wholesale                   Media & Marketing   

The initial stages of arranging your facility, just like for this sportswear brand, can be done in a phone call of just 15 minutes or less.

To discuss and arrange your invoice finance facility contact Carole today. Her direct contact details are 07785 596053 or email on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk.


*Above mentioned sportswear brand has asked to remain anonymous due to competitive nature of the industry.