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Your Fight Against Late Payment Starts Here!

Has your SME been affected by late payment even more during the pandemic? Here’s how you can fight against this damaging trend. 

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How much are you currently owed? A staggering £23.4billion is owed to UK businesses, so it's time to stand firm and combat late payment. 

The armour your SME needs to fight against late payment is invoice factoring. You factor invoices to release monies tied up in unpaid invoices. This allows your business to be advanced up to 90% on monies owed to you within 24hrs (balance paid once your customer settles).

Nearly 50,000 UK businesses have armed themselves against late payment by using invoice factoring. It ensures they have a fluid cashflow, enabling them to cover overheads, use working capital to grow, to bring peace of mind and security to their SME.  

In a recent report, 48% of businesses have confirmed that they have seen late payment worsen during the pandemic, in particular after the third lockdown.  It’s something I’m hearing all the time.  Larger businesses are taking excessive amounts of time to settle their invoices. It’s not right. SMEs are the most vulnerable. They have been hit the worst during this global pandemic. It’s time to take back control, gear yourself up for battle and factor invoices for immediate payment!

Late payment has a terrible impact on our SMEs – the backbone of the UK economy.

  • It stunts growth.
  • It’s dries up cashflow.
  • It risks bankruptcy.
  • It hinders investment.
  • It damages profitability.

It’s time to fight for success not wave a white flag for mere survival.

Invoice factoring is the protection your SME needs to survive, thrive and make a comeback as the world recovers from Covid.

Get battle ready:

  • Issue your invoice as usual with a copy to your factoring provider.
  • You are advanced up to 90% on each issued invoice straight away (balance when customer settles).
  • Inclusive of a credit control facility so you do not have to chase payment, it’s done for you.
  • Fully secure online portal to show all invoices issued, advanced, pending and settled leaves you in complete control of your finances.
  • Facility organically grows with your business to naturally support your growth and expansion.

FACT: 55% of businesses also cited that even with late paying customers, they are forced to continue doing business with culprits, putting an even greater strain on cashflow.

This strain is eased with invoice factoring because your debtor book is used to boost your SME cashflow. It’s a business’s most valuable asset yet risks nothing.

Invoice factoring aids SME recovery and growth. In fact, SMEs using invoice factoring to help with their daily finance issues experience growth far quicker than those without a facility – usually around 10-12% than those without an SME invoice factoring facility.  

As an independent broker, with over 28 years experience, I am best placed to arrange your invoice factoring facility. Having spent a career in the industry I have Director Level relationships with all UK providers.

My knowledge and experience sees me expertly place your business with the most suitable provider to arrange a facility that is cleverly matched through honest, impartial and transparent advice.  What’s more, I am able to secure your facility quickly so that within just a couple of weeks your facility will be up and running and fully operational. 

Do also bear in mind, I am renumerated directly by the finance provider, without any costs associated to your offer, so my arrangement of your facility is without any charges or fees.

To ready your SME for battle against late payment call me today – directly, on 07785 596053 or email on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk



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