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Winner of the SME News Midlands Enterprise Award

Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) has won the coveted SME News 'Best Independent Corporate Finance Company – Buckinghamshire'.

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We are delighted to announced that Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) has won the coveted 'Best Independent Corporate Finance Company – Buckinghamshire' award at this year's SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards.

It is the fourth year in which SME News has held the awards which pay tribute to small and medium sized businesses in the Midlands area, considered by many as the 'beating heart of business', to recognise excellence, innovation and outstanding business practices – simply put, SME News says, to recognise the 'best of British'.

We are hugely honoured to have been awarded this accolade; which is given purely on nominations based on merit. We work tirelessly hard to arrange tailored and specific finance solutions to SMEs up and down the country. When I set up the business over 28 years ago I had one vision – to offer impartial, independent and honest advice; advice that, if I was needing finance and funding I would welcome myself.

CCF has received many awards over the years, each and every one just as important – particularly in 2020 when both life and business has been, well challenging to say the very least. It's a privilege to be recognised within the industry and by our customers; customers who have used us again and again; recommending us to their fellow peers.

Our independence means we have access to the entire UK lending market. It means we can choose which lender to approach for a business's financial needs and give impartial advice on the type of finance that is best suited – for example, traditional loans, alternative finance or a multifaceted solution comprising of a number of options working together.

It also means, due to our expert knowledge, we know which lenders will agree to which business applications – importantly this results in only acceptances to SME finance requests and not refusals, which can damage a company's credit rating. Our experience, ethics and knowledge sees us boast many privileges, including fast track status; what's more, we can usually arrange your finance much quicker and cheaper than if you were to go direct.

The right finance is a huge asset to a business – it enables thriving companies to seize growth opportunities; negotiating better terms with suppliers and increasing production for instance. For businesses that are struggling the right finance helps them get back on their feet, giving them vital cashflow and working capital.

We offer financial advice to all SMEs including start ups and established businesses. Our unbiased advice is free, we are instead remunerated by each lender without any costs, fees or charges attached to your lending.

To see how myself and my team can help your business prosper in 2021 please do get in touch. You can contact me directly on 07785 596053, or email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk.