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What's The Best Christmas Present You Can Give Your Business?

How do you do this?  With invoice finance!

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Invoice finance is the UK’s most popular alternative finance facility, with over 40,000 businesses using the facility to guarantee their cashflow and working capital.

With over 70% of all invoices paid late last year, and 20% of SMEs waiting over 6 months to be paid, how can you ride out the seasonal lows of Christmas with late paying customers?

As the festive season draws closer and closer, your business could well be upping its output resulting in higher overhead costs such as staffing, stock supplies, manufacturing and warehousing. Yet, your customers could well be looking at their year end and refusing new invoices, running on reduced seasonal hours and delaying payment until well into the New Year.

How are you going to cover your overheads with no cashflow?

Invoice finance is the gift that just keeps giving...

That’s because every time you issue an invoice, your invoice finance facility will pay you up to 90% within 24hrs (the balance when your customers have paid). It even includes a built in credit control facility – another thing you don’t need to worry about!

It’s all online, housed on a safe and secure portal, telling you exactly which clients have paid, invoices outstanding, and monies available to draw.

In the UK there are over 50 providers; many of which have tailored facilities for SMEs; giving growth potential which far out way businesses without invoice finance facilities.

Unlike traditional banking and loans, invoice finance isn’t lending. You aren’t borrowing any monies; it’s simply being advanced on what your business is owed on issued invoices. There’s no worry about assets either – your invoices act as your asset, proof enough that you are owed the money; so there’s no risk of losing machinery, stock or other such indispensible assets that are essential to your day to day operations.

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