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Upfront VAT Costs To Cripple UK Businesses After Brexit

Controversial new legislation, currently being discussed by MPs, could cripple UK businesses - especially SMEs - which will see VAT being demanded upfront on imported goods from the EU after Brexit.

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This legislation, the first of its kind in the UK should it come into effect, will affect a staggering 130,000 businesses; which could be implemented after the UK leaves the EU.

The huge worry is where businesses will find the cashflow to pay VAT costs upfront. They will not have had the chance to sell on or use the imported products in billable, chargeable works; which normally would be paid before the bill was due. Now businesses, on top of already having to juggle cashflow and working capital in tense economic times – unexpected repairs, late paying customers and seasonal lows for example – will also have to stump up cash to pay their import VAT.

The consequences would be crippling.

Already, half of SME businesses fail in their first five years due to lack of cashflow.

How will this rise after Brexit and upfront VAT costs?

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There are over 40,000 UK businesses already using invoice finance to manage their cashflow; giving them access to valuable working capital – this figure is expected to grow as more cashflow demands are made on UK businesses during Brexit negotiations.

Today – 8th January – it is reported that Chairperson of the all-party Treasury Select Committee, Nicky Morgan, has raised an urgent investigation into this change, as well as penning a letter to HMRC regarding emergency contingency plans to protect UK businesses.

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