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Think Media Finance is Impossible?

Think Again!

Why is it media agencies have such a hard time securing funding? 

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We believe the answer is that many lenders & financiers simply don’t understand the industry.

They don’t understand the many components made up of a campaign, the time it takes from pitch – which usually involves costs, through to sign off and billing.

Neither do they understand that often, your biggest assets aren’t tangible, they are you and your team so collateral is tricky.

Yet, here at Capital Corporate Finance we understand all of that. And most importantly, we know the lenders to approach for funding. We specialist in providing a whole range of media finance, suitable for start-ups and established companies, whether they are digital, print, web, design, full service, FMCG or B2B.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that only traditional methods of finance were available – yet, just as your industry moves on quickly, so does finance. There’s a huge range of traditional and alterative finance options for media, digital and creative businesses to take advantage of.

And what’s often ideal for media industry finance is the alternative finance options – lenders who think outside the ‘box’. These options are flexible, tailored, specialist and above all quick to arrange.

A huge percentage of our clients are in the media industry. One of the largest and most popular areas of finance for media agencies is invoice finance, also known as invoice factoring.

  • Invoice Finance

  • Advances up to 90% of each and every invoice you issue, paid within 24hr. Works on a rolling basis so you are never short of cashflow. The balance is paid to you once your clients pay their invoices.

Let us explain further...

Yes, invoice finance pays media agencies within 24hrs ours on each invoice your issue. You send a copy to your customers and a copy to your factoring partner. You are then advanced up to 90% within 24hrs. Your factoring partner then chases payment, as if they were your own in-house credit control team. Once your client has paid, whether that’s 30 days, 60 or 90+ (sadly late paying customers are becoming more and more frequent in this industry) you are paid the balance you are owed. You have access to your accounts – what has been invoiced, advanced, owed – via an online portal and your will have a dedicated Client Manager to look after your business.

Invoice finance puts pay to any cashflow worries as you are being advanced immediately, and as a rolling service, those advances are for each and every invoice you issue.

With alternative finance, such as invoice finance, the media industry has cashflow. You have working capital. You can invest. You can grow.

We also provide a range of other financing for media businesses, such as...

  • Unsecured Loans and secured loans

  • Unsecured loans are particularly popular as many media companies don’t have huge tangible assets.

  • Peer to Peer Lending (P2P)

  • When lenders actually want particular companies to loan to as they specialise and understand specific industries.

  • Banking

  • Overdrafts, commercial loans, enterprise finance guarantee scheme, cashflow loans and mezzanine finance

As the UK’s longest established, truly independent broker we have access to the whole of the market – not just limited lenders or those we are targeted against. 100% independence gives us better rates, higher advances and far quicker turnaround times than if you were to approach lenders directly. Not to mention the fact, that we sort out all the administration for you too – providing you with indicative and actual quotations, terms and contracts.

So get in touch today and see just how accessible media finance really is! Call me on 07785 596053 or email carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk