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The Butterfly Effect

Ever heard of the ‘butterfly effect’?

Well, in business terms it is when the simplest of actions yields the largest returns.

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That’s what getting the right finance can do for your business – yield large returns.

Something as small as calling us here at Capital Corporate Finance, discussing your SME finance and securing the right finance for your needs could reap huge rewards for your business, but above all, give you financial stability.

Having a cash injection can help you expand, move in to larger premises, recruit more team members, invest in more efficient machinery and technology, increase production, negotiate better terms with suppliers; or simply to settle an unexpected bill.

FACT: 56% of SME owners aren’t aware of the lending options available to them.

Did you know that in today’s finance market there’s a huge choice of lending options? Options that are specific to the reason you need funding in the first place; meaning they are cost effective and flexible.

Invoice Finance
A payment advancement solution that issues up to 90% of the value of your issued invoices, paid within 24hours. Inclusive of a back office credit control facility.
Choose from invoice factoring, confidential discounting or selective factoring.

Unsecured Loans
Short and long term options available, from £2.5k to £500k, no early repayment charges – ideal for businesses with no collateral.

Asset Finance
Bespoke finance to manage your working capital, without upfront payments, plus payment holidays when assets not in use to ease cashflow.

R&D Tax Credit
Reclaim up to 33% of what you’ve spent on R&D – no success, no fee.

Merchant Cash Advance
Retailers can take 3 months expected credit card income as a loan to manage cashflow.

Multiple banking options available from traditional and modern lenders, tailored to find the most suitable lender for your needs; often more flexible than your own banking partner.

The reason we know all this and have access to all of this is because we are the UK’s longest standing truly independent broker; meaning we aren’t tied to any contracts, targets or lenders. We provide 100% honest and impartial advice, tailored to your exact needs.

What’s more, it’s this coveted status that awards us fast track status so we can arrange your finance far quicker, and usually cheaper, than if you were to go direct.

Don’t be a barnacle; stuck with the wrong finance. Instead be a butterfly... spread your wings and fly... fly towards the right finance that can change the fortunes of your business.

Call me, Carole Roe, Director and Founder, directly on 07785 596053.