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Sponsorship – cheaper than traditional advertising; and more powerful too!

You can be a Capital Corporate Finance and Purity Fundraising Ball sponsor!
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Over the years, we’ve raised over £850,000 for Childline. Now, as Trustees to an amazingly innovative and dynamic young charity, we have brought the ball back in aid of Kicking Off.

On the 17thMay, at The Park Plaza Riverbank, London we’ll be hosting our legendary charity ball. Yes, #TheBallIsBack, after a two year break, but we need your help!

You can be a Capital Corporate Finance and Purity Fundraising Ball sponsor!

  • Looking to broaden your competitive edge through marketing?

  • Enhance your company’s image and visibility?

  • Then forget the usual display advertising and press ads; instead look at sponsorship.

  • Sponsorship boasts big benefits (and for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing!).

FACT: Sponsorship is cost effective!

Just imagine your company name and logo...

  • In front of hundreds of guests as they arrive.

  • On every wine bottle sleeve (with unlimited wine that’s a lot!).

  • On every champagne serving tray.

  • Or how about your logo in the corner of every photo booth print out?

FACT: Sponsorship builds brand awareness and loyalty!

There are so many opportunities at this black tie event... all of which evoke fun and frolics from guests there with friends, to guests enjoying corporate nights out. All our guests are powerful, influential decision makers in the finance world. As a sponsor you’ll be developing closer and stronger links with new and existing customers.

FACT: Audiences view sponsors in a positive light!

Imagine your company name on every social media tweet sent out (nearly 4K followers!) in relation to the ball.

FACT: Sponsors show audiences they care!

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available, from £10,000 to £250.

FACT: Audiences know that without sponsors community projects might not ever ‘kick off’!

Your sponsorship helps us, as Trustees to Kicking Off, raise thousands of pounds to improve the lives of hundreds of communities throughout Ghana and across the world.

Communities who are in need of education, medication, clean water and contact with the modern world; yet whose energy and passion for life is infectious! Your help enables them to develop and thrive.

Tickets still available.
Why not join us on the night. There are a few remaining tickets left and we’ll guarantee you have the best of times. Get in touch and I can send you a sponsorship pack, or ticket request form.

So, in advance, a huge thank you; and hopefully see you on 17th.