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SME Finance Charter

In the wake of Brexit, even more SMEs are concerned as to how they will get access to adequate funding and finance...
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In the wake of Brexit, even more SMEs are concerned as to how they will get access to adequate funding and finance, especially as banks and many major lenders have slowed down on their SME lending.

The Government are aware of this, and as the backbone of the British economy they have created the SME Finance Charter to offer support, guidance and backing from major financial bodies.

The companies signing up to the Charter must adhere to five principles...

  1. We’re open and ready for business.

  1. We’ll help you prepare for Brexit and beyond.

  1. We’ll support your application and signpost other options if needed.

  1. We’ll treat you fairly at all times.

  1. We’ll work with the Government-owned British Business Bank to support SMEs.

As an independent broker, working hard to provide SMEs with the best range of financial funding options best suited to their business, we applaud this Charter. Many of the lenders we look to for financing options have already signed up to this Charter, showing their support for the future of SMEs in unstable Brexit conditions.

For nearly 27 years Capital Corporate Finance have found SMEs funding and finance, even when they’ve previously been refused finance; and currently as banks and traditional lenders slowdown their SME lending we look ‘outside of the box’ for SME finance.

From traditional lending options to alternative finance, our expertise in the market place ensures small and medium sized businesses always find the right finance and banking.

100% independent means we aren’t tied to any contracts, targets or obligations to any lenders. Instead, we search the entire UK market place to find the best finance for your needs.

We present you with options, and once you’ve decided, we even take care of the paperwork on your behalf. What’s more, because of our independent status we usually arrange SME finance cheaper than a business can arrange for itself, and with our fast track status, always faster!

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