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Mistakes Businesses Make Over Late Payments

FACT: Over half of all invoices issued in the UK last year were paid late!

Chances are, you’ve had more than one invoice paid late.

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The mistake that businesses are making is they are reliant on prompt payment – their cashflow and working capital is dependent on it – yet, even though they have credit terms of 30 days, they aren’t being paid for 60, even 90 days. Sound familiar?

How do you correct this mistake? Easy – with invoice finance!

Invoice finance, also known as invoice factoring and invoice discounting, advances monies owed on each issued invoice within 24 hours!

There is no borrowing involved you are simply being paid on what you are owed.

  • You issue your invoice to your client.

  • You send a copy to your invoice finance provider – via their secure online portal.

  • You are paid up to 90% of the value of each invoice within 24 hours!

  • You are paid the balance when your client pays their invoice.

  • Charges are competitive.

  • The benefits ensure peace of mind for prompt payment, guarantees a business cashflow and working capital.

  • The facility can be set up in a matter of weeks.

  • What’s more, invoice finance is suitable for start ups and established businesses.

Over 40,000 UK businesses, large and small, control their cashflow by using invoice finance.

So take control – arrange your invoice finance today!

And don’t think it’s just struggling businesses that use invoice finance. Hugely successful and profitable businesses use this alternative finance – it’s one of the reasons they are successful! Remember, finance isn’t just about what can be offered to you from your bank. By speaking to expert, independent brokers like Capital Corporate Finance, can ensure you get the right finance options for your needs.

In fact, we here at Capital Corporate Finance, are expert witnesses in alternative finance which includes invoice factoring for the UK finance industry. As we are 100% independent, we have relationships with all 50 UK providers of the invoice factoring facility so we will find the right finance provider for your business!

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