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Life Line from Costly Haemorrhaging Asset Costs

Your assets are the blood of your business.

Yet to replace them, or to add to them, can bleed you dry.

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So let us introduce the range of tailored asset finance available to SMEs.  

Asset finance is a unique finance cashflow solution especially designed for businesses to purchase assets.

It enables you to keep your working capital for other parts of your business’s growth, and doesn’t wipe out all your cashflow in one hit, meaning your company is more financially stable.

Low cost, unsecured loans are available for purchases such as new equipment, technology, vehicles and machinery, because without replacements, upgrades or additional pieces, your business won’t grow, develop or thrive. Yet, can you afford not to?

Asset finance is flexible. You can use asset finance for brand new stock, or used, second hand stock. You can use asset finance for leasing, hiring, refinancing and purchasing.

  • Negates large, upfront payments – spreading the cost.

  • Doesn’t affect your existing finance arrangements, such as overdrafts and loans.

  • Affordable repayment options.

  • Payment holidays when assets are not in use to relieve your cashflow.

As 100% independent brokers, we have access to the whole of the market, and because we aren’t tied to any lenders or providers, we get you the right asset finance for your needs.

We can provide indicative quotes immediately. We can arrange your finance quickly so the money is with you in days. It’s reliable, hassle free finance that offers your business a solution when your most essential, yet valuable, assets need replacing or expanding; and is far more flexible and bespoke than traditional banking methods.

I am a leading authority of UK SME finance solutions, and have been for over 25 years – I’m a name you can trust, and a name the industry trusts too.

So contact me today and see how easy it is to secure asset finance – call 07785 596053
or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk

I promise to provide you with straight talking and simple solutions.