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Land’s End to John O’Groats Charity Bike Ride

If the marathon wasn’t bad enough, I’ve only gone and agreed to cycling the somewhat ‘infamous’ Land’s End to John O’Groats route to raise funds for Kicking Off.
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When I became a Trustee to this amazing, young, dynamic and innovative charity back in 2017 I thought I’d be spending my voluntary time helping with policies and procedures, cutting through 3rdsector red tape (the charity industry is renowned for it!) and drinking a lot of tea whilst plotting and planning the best way to help deprived communities and young people across the globe, such as our fabulous Capital Corporate Charity Balls.

How wrong I was... I have run marathons (lost toe nails) and now I am going to be somewhat saddle sore.

Yes, myself and my fellow Kicking Off Trustees, Helen MacKenzie and Kath Parker, are to embark on this, quite frankly, rather challenging bike ride.

We have set ourselves the (perhaps ambitiious) challenge of riding 100 miles every day for 9 days – yes you read that right, 100 miles a day for a continual 9 days - in order to cover the 900 miles; come rain or shine.

Training has started, as has the healthy eating and limited drinking, so we are in peak physical condition. Something that’s needed as our time frame is considered somewhat ‘superhuman’. Well, for those of you that know me well know I don’t do anything by halves!

I rather hoped, seeing as it was summer, my training would be warm and rather pleasant, cycling miles through beautiful countryside, villages and coastlines.

It’s not.

Instead, Mother Nature seems to have got her seasons mixed up and instead I am cycling into hurricane strength winds, torrential rain and the freezing cold.

Will it be worth it I ask myself on the bad days. Yes, it will. I know this because twice now I have been out to Ghana, where the Kicking Off charity work started.

I have seen with my own eyes the difference we are making to thousands of children, young adults and communities.

In hardships most of us can only imagine, these communities face each day with laughter, positivity and optimism. It’s humbling. It’s inspirational. It makes me want to do even more to help these people who make me feel welcome, at home and part of their families.

Kicking Off has changed lives. It’s saved lives. Through education, medication and clean water Kicking Off is now working across Africa and also in Refugee camps making a real difference.

As a charity we work towards the UN’s sustainable development goals...

  • No poverty

  • Zero hunger

  • Clean water & sanitation

  • Gender equality

  • Quality education

  • Good health & wellbeing

Yet, we can’t do this alone. We need help. We need funding. Invaluable support, sponsorship and donations – however large or small – make a massive difference.

So, together, we have set up a Just Giving Page. If you would like to spur us on with a charitable donation we’d be eternally grateful - you can donate on our Kicking Off Charity Bike Ride Just Giving Page  

Thank you, truly, from the ‘bottom’ (no pun intended) of our hearts.