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Keep Calm & Stockpile?

Are you fearing Brexit hold ups, delays and rising costs? Are you, like many UK businesses, going into stockpile panic? 

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Fears over boarder holdups, supply chain problems, increased prices and availability have resulted in many businesses embarking in a panic stockpiling mentality as Brexit, currently scheduled for 29thMarch, becomes touchably close.

FACT: Even wine merchant, Majestic Wines, confirmed to ITV news that it has stockpiled over 1 million extra bottles of wine in case of any no deal Brexit impacts.

Yet, on a serious note, they aren’t alone. Industries such as food, chemical and manufacturing across the UK are all stockpiling. Whilst other businesses race to complete finished goods ahead of their production schedule in advance of Brexit. So much so, the UK’s output of finished goods is at its second highest since 1992.

If key components become harder to obtain after a no deal Brexit, production will slow, supply will not be met and billable invoices will be down; yet day-2-day running costs will still be incurred.

Do you stock pile? Or do you hold out?

Or should in fact, the question be, can you actually even afford to consider stockpiling? After all, where’s the cashflow and working capital coming from to accommodate this?

Well, here at Capital Corporate Finance, we can help fund any stockpiling cashflow requirements you might have. Here, Founder, and Managing Director, Carole Roe explains, “We have been providing the UK SME market with financing for over 25 years, through UK economy prosperity and hardship.”

We understand the UK economy, and whilst we don’t, nor do we profess, to know the outcome of Brexit, we are hugely experienced with turbulent markets and how best to advise businesses on financially riding these rough times out.”

As an independent broker, Capital Corporate Finance have elite access to the whole of the UK lending market with a wide range of flexible loan, lending and finance options ideal for SMEs looking to protect themselves during the Brexit storm; including

  • Cashflow loans

  • Asset Finance

  • Commercial loans

  • Merchant cash advance

  • Invoice Finance

  • Unsecured and secured loans

  • Short and long term finance

  • Overdrafts

Our knowledge and experiencemeans we know which lenders will agree to fund specific businesses with specific needs– what this means is we ensure you get acceptances from lenders, not refusals.

Our reputation within the industry sees us with special fast track privileges, as well as often beating any rates you would secure by going direct.

Act Now!
So can you afford to wait until 29th March to see if you’ll be able to acquire raw materials in the same manner as you do now? Or do you call us, on 07785 596053 to arrange your finance – quick and easy, and with money in your account well before Brexit D-day?

We know what you should do... call, NOW!
Call Carole on 07785 596053 or email her at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk