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It’s Good to Give

FACT: When a business donates to charity they qualify for a reduction on their corporation tax bill.
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Have you ever given to charity?

Of course you have, personally – loose change in a collection pot, sponsoring friends and family in various pursuits such as running marathons (I know this one only too well!) or cycling across mountainous terrains – it all counts. Yet, has your business ever donated?

You see, the reason I ask is that corporate donations to charities are vital to support all the good work they do.

I am a Trustee of a charity, and the two companies I founded are both Corporate Partners to this amazing charity, Kicking Off. A charity that, through the power of football, helps deprived communities with education and medication by arranging tournaments in Ghana.

And that’s what I’d like to ask you to considerbecoming a Corporate Partner to Kicking Off.

There are unseen Benefits to Donating Too
When you donate to a charity, whether that’s monetary donations, equipment, sponsorship or property you can claim tax relief by deducting it against your business expenses. It’s also proven that when staff engage in charitable work within the workplace it creates a positive atmosphere which is great for morale and team building.

There’s also the global social responsibility a Corporate Partnership brings to a business, allowing the business to build on its reputation of ethics, conscientiousness and core values. It’s a really effective way to engage with your customers that goes above your usual marketing communications. It shows you are giving something back to society and it’s not just all about work, work, work.

In less than two years, Kicking Off has hosted 5 tournaments in Ghana, improving the lives and futures of those living there. During this time, the charity has...

  • Seen 1,750 children participate in a football game with a great carnival atmosphere

  • Distributed 1,750 Goodie Bags, containing essential suppliers

  • 1,088 basic medical checks have been carried out

  • 7 cases of malaria have been diagnosed and treated

  • 1,750 sets of multivitamins have been issued

  • 1750 meals of chicken and rice have been provided

  • 2,750 litres of clean water have been distributed!

It’s Good to Talk
By signing up as a Corporate Partner to Kicking Off you are improving the lives of so many children and their communities. So please, make contact with me and let’s have an informal chat about how your business can help. Call me on 07785 596053 or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk

Follow Kicking Off on online and on social media:

www.kickingoff.org - Twitter: @Kicking_off _org Instagram: kicking.off Facebook: Kicking Off

Registered Charity - 1173123