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Is Your Business Funded With Personal Finances?

Are you using personal finances to fund your business?

Oh, I see, you've been refused business finance.

Then you had better read on...

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And now you're supporting your business with your own personal finances. Well, it's risky, but you're not alone.

I never think it’s a good idea to mix business with pleasure; especially not finances!

FACT: 30% of SMEs who have been refused funding have used personal finances to support their business. 

Yet, to me, an expert witness and a pioneer of introducing alternative finance to the UK, this is madness! Why? Well, that's because alternative finance in the UK offers start up enterprises and established businesses a huge range of finance options; with providers more flexible than banking establishments. 

Oh, hang on a minute? Perhaps you're one of the 60% of SMEs who haven't heard of alternative finance

Ok, so let me explain; after all, I am an expert on the subject! 

  • There’s a huge choice of options.

  • It’s available to businesses that are newly or well established.

  • It doesn’t require assets or collateral. 

  • You aren't required to produce three years of trading banking statements. 

  • What's more, many providers, offer funding to those businesses that have been refused finance in the past. 

Did You Know – The UK's most popular form of alternative finance is invoice finance, also known as invoice factoring. 

FACT: Over 44,000 UK SME businesses use invoice finance!

Arranged through an independent broker, such as myself, means you are offered the most honest, impartial and unbiased advice. An independent broker won't be tied to any contracts or targets; instead they are focused on providing you with the most suitable finance available.

  • Invoice factoring, confidential invoice discounting and selective
    invoice factoring

  • Unsecured loans 

  • Same day financing

  • Peer-to-peer lending

  • Merchant cash advances

Quicker, Faster, Guaranteed!
For over 26 years I have been securing finance for SMEs, from tens of thousands up to multi million pound arrangements. I have fast track access for processing applications which usually sees finance set up, and money in accounts, within days. 

Knowledge Is Power!
Together we'll get your finances sorted; you now have the knowledge that alternative finance can help your business. I have the power to get your finance arranged.

What Are You Waiting For?
So come on, what are you waiting for? Let's get your finance sorted out and leave your personal finances separate from your business finances – you’ll find it far less stressful that way! 

I'm waiting for your call – call me directly on 07785 596053 or email me at carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk