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Helping Businesses Grow – with our help your business will flourish, blossom and thrive

Let us help your business thrive with the right finance...

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If you will, take a look at our website. You might have noticed the plants and leaves, rising up from the page. That’s because, we help businesses to grow. Just as these plants are growing, Capital Corporate Finance is helping businesses across the UK to grow, to thrive.

We get deals done. We help businesses like yours to grow. We’re the rain to your lawn, the water to your flowers, the fertiliser to your vegetable patch.

Our expert knowledge in the invoice factoring, alternative finance and traditional banking markets are all the nutrients you need for your business to strengthen, flourish and bloom.

Our expertise in these markets, both in the UK and overseas, has seen us blossom to become one of the UK’s most well respected, and truly independent brokers. We’ve been cultivating the needs of SME businesses for 25 years, earning us an enviable reputation and becoming an expert witness in many sectors of alternative finance within the industry.

With our know-how, we carefully assess your business, recommending a finance option for just right for you. That’s because, in today’s finance market there’s so much more than traditional loans and overdrafts (although we can help with those too), yet there’s also a lot to take in, to digest – so many businesses find the complex world of finance baffling; making costly mistakes.

Instead, we guiding you through the weeds and the rubble, deadheading along the way, to find the perfect soil to grow – this means, importantly, we won’t approach a lender who we know isn’t suitable for your business – for example, accept your business but charge your higher rates as you are considered a risk, or decline you leaving a blemish on your credit score. At Capital Corporate Finance, we only approach, on your behalf, lenders who we know are the perfect match.

Our independence means we have access to the whole of the market for...

  • Invoice finance

  • Peer to Peer lending

  • Unsecured and secured loans

  • Overdrafts

  • Enterprise finance guarantee schemes

  • Cashflow loans

  • Mezzanine finance

This ensures that you get the very best deal, from the widest choice of finance options possible, all delivered with a personal touch. This means we won’t baffle you with ‘technical’ jargon. We are plain talking, putting your needs first at all times.

  • Whether your business is established or newly set up.

  • Whether you have collateral or assets to secure or not.

  • Whether you have seasonal highs and lows to manage.

  • We will secure the exact finance solution that’s right for your business needs.

What’s more, combining our experience, knowledge, reputation and independence, we have the power to arrange your finance quicker and at better rates than if you were to go direct, with no arrangement fees. Plus, our proposals are honest and transparent.

So get in touch today - see how we’re ‘blooming marvellous’ at finding companies, just like yours, the right finance for their needs – call 07785 596053 or email carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk


Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net