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Happy 28th Birthday To Us!

Happy Birthday to us... yes, on 19th November we at Capital Corporate Finance celebrate 28 years of business. 

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I can hardly believe that 28 years ago I started a company, vowing to offer impartial, independent and honest advice – advice, that if I needed funding, I would welcome myself.

28 years later Capital Corporate Finance is now the longest established broker in the Invoice Finance industry. Wow, that makes me feel old!

Back then, in 1992, factoring (I don’t think the term invoice finance had been invented) was very much considered lending of last resort and I was on a one woman mission to change this. There was also a huge array of funders to choose from, and no internet back then (unbelievable to imagine isn’t it ), and so businesses would open the Yellow Pages and usually choose the biggest advert, often finding themselves in a relationship that wasn’t really right for them.

A lot has happened in those 28 years – some, like a global pandemic, could never have been predicted. Some great friends and industry colleagues are no longer with us. Yet, through the rough and the smooth we've always managed to pull through and continue to use our experience to offer sometimes complex cashflow solutions to SMEs.

Today, more than ever, the right financial advice and support is crucial for businesses. No crystal ball can predict what will happen over the next 12 months. Many businesses are thriving in 2020, others are struggling. Regardless, the right finance is essential. We promise to deliver that and support SMEs of all sizes and from all sectors.

We take the time to explain the options available to each and every business – one size doesn't fit all which is why we might suggest an unsecured loan to one business, invoice finance to another; and to some we actually suggest a solution encompassing a variety of financial products.

As well as being passionate about all things business, over the years I've become a champion of the #WomenInFinance and #WomenInBusiness movements, supporting female business owners and workers alike, in a world when the gender divide is hindering women in their career aspirations. I’ve been very lucky to have spent a lot of time in Ghana over the past few years where gender equality is a hot topic and one that a number of charities out there are making great progress in tackling.

Something else I’d never have predicted 28 years ago is how important my charity work would become. Having raised nearly a million pounds in the last 15 years, £750,000 + for ChildLine, this is a part of my life that gives me as much joy as my business does. I’ve just completed my 3 year tenure as a trustee of International development charity, Kicking Off , I’m on the Board of The Grendon Friends Trust and also work closely with The Butler Trust.

So, if you valve trust and integrity, and want someone who's experienced, but above all nice to deal with, then call me today. My direct number is 07785 596053 and we can talk about the best finance for your business's needs, including...

  • Invoice finance
  • Single invoice or selective invoice finance
  • Credit insurance
  • Long and short term lending
  • Unsecured loans
  • Asset finance
  • R&D tax credits