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Financing for Females is NOT Impossible!

FACT: All male new business start up teams are four times as likely to secure funding as women, the Financial Times reports.

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In this day and age, this fact makes me sad, cross, angry and disappointed. What I’m not, sadly, is surprised.

However, it’s time we females took a stand. It’s time we changed that fact. After all, 100 years ago women secured the right to vote, and many never thought that would be possible.

I am a successful business woman, in the hugely male dominated world of finance. Having set up Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) in 1992, I am now one of the best known figures in the factoring, invoice discounting and asset based lending market, as well as an expert witness on alternative finance. As the UK’s first truly independent broker, CCF is now of the most respected brokers in the industry.

In the FT article, Annette Kimmitt, is quoted as saying, “It means [women] have bootstrapped their businesses from day one. Disheartening fundraising experiences can deter female entrepreneurs from future capital raising plans. A survey of 2,700 people globally that found a fifth of female entrepreneurs had no plans to raise capital, compared with only 3 per cent of male entrepreneurs.”

Ever heard the saying, “knowledge is power”? Well, my knowledge in the finance industry is powerful. In fact, it’s envied by many. As are the relationships I have with the majority of UK lenders. This means, once I have all the information I need about your funding requirements, I can approach only the lenders most likely to lend. This means I don’t ‘scatter gun’; approaching anyone and everyone, which negatively affects your credit score. I only approach those lenders who will accept your business. What’s more, because I am an expert in alternative finance, it might be that I advise you that other lending and finance options are more suited to you and your business – there’s so much more to finance these days than traditional bank loans, overdrafts and lending.

Usually, I am in a position to advise you on terms, rates and charges from the initial call – providing you with no obligation, indicative quotes.

What’s more, I’m personable, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable; and totally believe in supporting business women!

So, together, let’s change finance for females. Speak to me today – call me on 07785 596053, or message me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk and let me find you the right funding.

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