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Export Finance – Government Backed Funding & Tailored Cashflow Solutions

Tailored export finance is readily available to SMEs, enabling cashflow & working capital.

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This week, w/c 7th Dec, the Government announced help for SMEs who export. However, similar to the CBILS loan scheme it has the potential to be complicated to arrange, resulting in declined applications for export finance support. 

So let me introduce Export Invoice Finance – a tailored cashflow solution to the export industry, readily available to SMEs and used by over 44k businesses in the UK.

For those businesses looking towards finance to support their export business – and in light of either a deal or no deal Brexit possibility – Export Invoice Finance is readily available for SMEs; arranged swiftly, with intelligent back office capabilities and cost effective, acceptances usually take a day or two, the facility is fully operational within two weeks.

Exporting to international customers can present many challenges, yet arguably the biggest challenge is cashflow. You are tied between paying your own suppliers and awaiting payment – usually exceeding 40, 60, even 90 days +. Export Invoice Finance will pay your issued invoices within 24hrs – advancing the monies owed on each invoice.

Export Invoice Finance enables you to build your working capital to maximise growth opportunities as well as securing a fluid cashflow, always!

Export Invoice Finance does not have the same strict criteria to meet as the Government's new General Export Facility, whereby you must prove that in the previous three years more than 20% of annual turnover is made up of export sales or a minimum of 5% of annual turnover.

On the contrary, Export Invoice Finance is easy to set up and you certainly don't need to jump through hoops. Whether your business is large or small, a newly launched business or established company, there are many providers actively willing to provide an Export Invoice Finance facility – guaranteed!

Export Invoice Finance is not a lending facility. You do not borrow money. You are simply advanced monies owed to you on issued invoices. Your invoice is your collateral so your assets are not at risk.

Time is of the essence in business. Unlike many Government back support funding, this finance solution for export businesses is quick to arrange. Usually your facility will be agreed and fully operational in just two weeks.

It's flexible too. Your business could look to factor it's entire sales ledger or ad hoc invoices.

The facility also includes a customer collections facility so you can focus on your business growth and not chasing late payment.

In short, here's how it works...

  1. Issue your invoice as usual, copying in your Export Invoice Finance provider.
  2. You will then receive up to 90% of the value of each issued invoice within 24hrs – the balance is payable when your customer settles.
  3. Full details of invoices issued, paid and outstanding are available to view on a secure online portal.
  4. Your facility grows with your business so it does not have the need to be renegotiated constantly, taking up your valuable time or stumping your growth at critical times.
  5. You achieve a fluid cashflow by releasing capital on all issued invoices.

There is no better time to get your Export Invoice Finance facility in place – 2021 is in just a few weeks. This Export Invoice Finance will help your business, bringing prosperity and positivity for the New Year.

So don't delay – call me directly today – Carole Roe, Founder and Managing Director, here at Capital Corporate Finance – and UK expert witness in the invoice finance market. My direct line is 07785 596053, or email me on carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk

With access to over 50 UK providers of export finance, due to my unique independent broker status I guarantee to set up your Export Invoice Finance quicker and cheaper than if you were to go direct.