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Coronavirus Affecting Cashflow: Businesses need cash more than an interest rate cut!

Is coronavirus affecting your cashflow? Like many businesses you could be feeling very vulnerable right now.  
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Need cashflow and fast?

You need a short term loan, and now is the time to make an application.

Should this current crisis start to negatively affect your profitability and bank account it could have an impact on the rate you pay and the amount you can borrow.

Even if you are not directly affected but your customers are it’s highly likely they will delay their payment to you, seeing your cashflow dry up. Even worse they could go out of business leaving you vulnerable to bad debt if you don’t have credit insurance.

  • You need money to make money.

  • You need cashflow to ride out this global crisis.

Even if you slow down production you still have day to day overheads that need paying – electricity, gas, water, rates, insurance, wages – and now there’s the very real threat over staffing sickness pay. Yet, how can you cover these daily expenses with depleting cashflow and working capital?

  • You need a solution and quickly.

  • You need a short term cashflow loan.

As an independent broker we have access to the whole of the market to offer you the right finance, from the most suitable lender, at a preferential rate.

We have arrangements with traditional lenders and diverse lenders – all of whom offer a wide range of finance solutions; many of which are unsecured which could well be prudent if you have essential machinery and assets that you can’t risk during this coronavirus global crisis.

Arranging your business loan through us is easy...

  • In one simple call we’ll have assessed your needs and background.

  • We will be able to provide indicative quotes for you to gauge the cost of your lending.

  • We approach lenders who we know will agree your actual lending need.

  • We complete all the paperwork and administration on your behalf.

  • Your monies could be with you in days.

Already lenders are reviewing their lending criteria and refusing to deal with sectors such as hospitality and transport.

You don’t have time to spare. You need cash and need it fast.

So call now and let us be the tonic to your coronavirus medicinal cashflow woes.

We’re awaiting your call, Carole Roe on 07785 596053, or e.mail carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk and ask for a simple application pack to be sent to you.