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CBILS Loan Approved For Marketing Agency

Experts in arranging CBILS loans for SMEs, read how easy it was for marketing agency, Nerds, and the outstanding success rate CCF have in arranging this Government lending scheme. 

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Capital Corporate Finance (CCF) has a 90% success rate in arranging approved CBILS loans; this is a staggeringly high percentage given the national average is just over 50%.

When the Government first announced they were to offer assisted lending many SMEs let out a huge sigh of relief; only then to discover the complex application process which often resulted in a decline in funding – both from applying directly or through the Bank.

Yet, that relief is achievable through authorised broker, CCF who are able to arrange a CBILS loan of up to £250k, which can be secured within days with favourable terms and rates on a business’s behalf.

Here, Haichui Hoang, Finance Officer, for creative marketing agency, Nerds, talks about her recent experience of using CCF to arrange their CBILS loan.

Why Did You Want To Apply For CBILS Loan?

Our aim was that a CBILS loan would bring us financial stability over the forthcoming months, at a time when there was lack of certainty as to how, and for how long, the COVID pandemic would affect our business.

It has given us peace of mind and clarity, putting us in a position to be able to fight for our future prosperity.”

How Did You Come To Use CCF?

When our Bank was unable to help us they referred us to the CCF team, and thank goodness they did. We went from fearing the worst – that our CBILS loan wouldn’t even get off the starting block given so many SME applications are refused – to having our funding approved quickly and efficiently.”

How Did CCF Help You Understand the CBILS Loan Scheme?

There’s a distinct lack of information in the market place about CBILS loans and how to apply for them. Thankfully the knowledge and hands on experience of CCF is invaluable and it’s delivered in a kind and patient manner – a nice change from the usual ‘staid’ way in which finance is usually dealt with.

It’s their superior knowledge that confirmed that a CBILS loan was right for our business.”

How Did Capital Corporate Finance Assist In Your CBILS Application?

Carole worked with us to produce a professional and financially solid CBILS application, extracting essential supporting evidence. She then presented this to a lender who she knew would give us the best chance of acceptance based on our circumstances and their criteria.

This is information we simply would never have been privy to, which could have seen us receive multiple rejections; and worst still, damage our credit score. Instead, our application was accepted and arranged very quickly.”

What Does The CBILS Loan Help You Achieve For The Future Of Your Business?

We now have a cash reserve to facilitate our future. This loan will enable us to modify our offering at a time when consumer consciousness and spending power is changing. We have a safety net not to make rash decisions, instead we can reflect, rationalise and ensure every decision we make for our business is clear and concise in these strangely surreal times.”

What Is The Biggest Advantage In Using CCF?

The guidance you receive from Carole and her team is hugely reassuring. They are extremely communicative and we valued this and benefited from it also - we were never in the dark or on tender hooks.”

What Surprised You The Most When Working With CCF?

Without a doubt the speed and ease in which Carole arranged our funding was the biggest surprise; we feared it would take weeks, even months, if at all. The entire process through CCF was straight forward – not something that it would have been had we have tried to apply directly.”

What Would Be Your Main Reason For Recommending CCF?

Carole and the CCF team are personable, proactive, patient and clear; and above all their advice is honest and transparent. This has served us well – at a time when we thought we would be unable to secure funding, when our own Bank couldn’t help us, Carole gave us a life line.

At a time when business is stressful enough, having Carole on our side made things far more manageable. She proved there was light at the end of the tunnel.”

Why Apply For A CBILS Loan?

A CBILS loan can assist a business with its COVID recovery – giving it financial security; whether that is to seize opportunities as they arise or to act as a cashflow injection amid unforeseen lows. With no fees or charges applied, Capital Corporate Finance can help your business secure the CBILS funding it deserves.

Let CCF Arrange Your CBILS Loan

Carole and her team are waiting for your call. They will expertly guide you through the maze that is the CBILS application. And with no fees or charges, nor are there costs affixed to your loan – they are remunerated directly by the lender – you can rest assured that your CBILS loan is dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Contact Carole Roe Directly

As a business you can contact Capital Corporate Finance directly by calling 07785 596053 or emailing carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk