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Cashflow Famine or Cashflow Feast?

Let us ask you a question... does your business ravenously revel in a cashflow feast or survive day to day on a meagre cashflow famine?
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FACT: More and more businesses are surviving ‘hand to mouth’ due to late paying customers!

Let us ask you a question... does your business ravenously revel in a cashflow feast or survive day to day on a meagre cashflow famine?

If it’s the latter then you clearly don’t have invoice finance helping your cashflow and ensuring your working capital.

Invoice finance is fast becoming the UK’s most favoured alternative finance option for businesses large and small, new or established.

At a time when late paying customers are now the majority, not, sadly, the minority, businesses such as yours are regularly suffering the ill effects of being paid 60, 90 day +, despite you having 30 day terms.

As a result of this, your cashflow dries up yet your overheads still need to be paid – staffing costs, materials, suppliers, premises, electricity etc. Yet how can you cover your costs when you haven’t been paid? All your money is going out too fast, yet money coming in is too slow.

Just imagine being paid for each invoice within 24 hours?!?

Think it’s impossible? Think again!

This is normal, standard practice for businesses using invoice finance, often referred to as invoice factoring and invoice discounting.

Arranging your invoice finance facility through Capital Corporate Finance is quick & easy. Here’s how...

  • Leading independent experts in the alternative finance market, we have access to the UK’s 50 providers, which means we’ll find you the perfect invoice finance partner.

  • We coordinate all the administration on your behalf, once you have decided on which provider to go with from the options we present.

  • Within a couple of weeks your invoice finance facility will be set up.

  • You can advance funds on your facility straight away...

  • A copy of each of your issued invoices is copied in to your provider.

  • Within 24 hours you are advanced up to 90% of the invoice value. You aren’t borrowing money, like a loan or overdraft – you are simply advancing the money you are owed and due to be paid.

  • Once payment is received from your client – and the provider manages all the credit control aspects for you – you are paid the balance.

  • There’s no need to rearrange your facility – unlike traditional bank loans - as your business ravenously feasts in your renewed cashflow as invoice financing grows with your business.

So why wait? Join the invoice finance feast today and join over 40,000 UK businesses already enjoying the benefits of invoice finance.
Email carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk or call 07785 596053.