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Banks Slow Down on SME Lending

Perhaps, normally, this statement should fire off warning bells.

A bank slowdown on lending - apt given it's summer... a somewhat lending 'drought'. 

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Whilst it’s true that many UK high street banks are refusing finance to greater numbers of SMEs, there’s still a HUGE choice of finance, loans and lending options available to small and medium sized businesses; especially when an independent broker, like us, show you your options. 

Imagine, if you will, we're the finance flower in your dried up cashflow desert. 

Often, small businesses are looking to acquire smaller loans. Banks might not see these as profitable. Or, the small business doesn’t have enough collateral or assets to secure finance. Some small businesses want larger loans, and banks might view these as too risky. One bank last year converted just 8% of its SME lending applications.

FACT: The lending slow down will potentially stump SME growth.

Yet, there are hundreds of lenders out in the market place who WILL lend to SMEs– whether they are start ups, established or have even been refused finance in the past.

FACT: SMEs are the back bone of the UK economy – they need financing, they need support.

All it boils down to is knowing who to ask and where to go.

FACT: Well, the answers to those questions are easy... Capital Corporate Finance!

As an independent broker, for over 26 years, we have access to the entire UK lending market, with no contracts or targets; and as such we offer only unbiased and impartial advice.

Did you know... We often have banks approach us, because of our sound reputation, expansive knowledge and independent offering, to help their customers when they are not able to offer them lending.

There’s far greater choice for SMEs than just loans – funding options that will actually suit their needs far more; for example secured or unsecured loans, short or long term options, alternative finance such as invoice factoring, peer-to-peer lending, merchant cash advances, asset finance or R&D tax credit.

What’s more, we arrange SME finance quicker and usually cheaper than if you were to try to arrange it directly. We have fast track application processes and have contacts with lenders you might not even of heard of.

We’ll help you arrange your business finance quickly, call 07785 596053 or email carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk