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Bad Debt Clients – HMRC Paid Before You!

HMRC are to become top of the proverbial ‘food chain’ when it comes to being reimbursed for unpaid tax when a business becomes insolvent.
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From 6thApril 2020, HMRC will be in line for payment, as they become a ‘preferential creditor', and will be paid before banks and your good self.

This is expected to have a huge impact on finance and funding for SMEs and their – your! - future stability and security.

Banks will tighten, even more so, with their lending criteria. They are also expected to review overdrafts. This will force your more unstable, at risk clients, into financial turmoil.

How will they be able to pay you if their cashflow and working capital reserves diminish? Regardless of how stable your business is you could still be at risk because of this HMRC change.

This is why invoice finance is expected to rocket in popularity – already it’s the UK’s most popular form of alternative finance with nearly 50,000 businesses enjoying the benefits of financial stability and peace of mind.

  • Issue your invoice to your client as usual

  • Copy in your invoice finance provider

  • Receive payment of up to 90% within 24hrs

  • Receive the balance once your client has paid

  • Ensures a constant and fluid cashflow

  • Effective and proven way to promote growth and prosperity for SMEs

Bad Debt Protection
Not only does invoice finance pay you up to 90% of each issued invoice within 24hrs, it also offers bad debt protection – this means you can choose which customers you decide to protect yourself against, on business to business, invoices of up to 90%, excluding VAT.

As one of the UK’s few truly independent, and the longest established, broker I am a leading authority and expert witness on the alternative finance market.

  • I have direct access to all UK invoice finance providers.
  • My privileged fast track status means I can set up your facility within days, often being fully operational quicker than if you were to go direct.

  • What’s more, your ability to qualify for invoice finance isn’t affected even if you’ve been refused finance in the past, or have no assets to put up against it – your chargeable invoices act as your assets!

There are no set up fees, no start up charges; I am remunerated directly by the provider, with no impact on your facility.

Protect your business, protect your future – call me today on 07785 596053 to arrange your invoice finance facility.