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Are Your Finances a Halloween Horror?

Where Did Dracula Keep All His Savings? In a blood bank!

OK, we admit it; this is a bad Halloween joke.

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But what shouldn’t be a joke are your business finances.

So let us ask you, is your business finance a treat or a bit of a trick?

Bad finance is no laughing matter – especially for small businesses. Bad finance, the wrong finance and no finance can break a business.

With 20% of businesses failing in their first year, 30% failing in their second year and 50% failing after five years due to lack of cashflow, don’t let your business fall into the SME grave yard.

Talk to us – no one knows the business finance market like we do. We’re not in it for the ‘mummy’ we’re in it to provide SMEs with the very best finance solutions for their needs.

We’re deadly serious about what we do. We are 100% independent, which means we are able to get you the very best finance option from the most suitable lender from the whole of the UK market. Every business is different, which is why there’s a huge cauldron of options available to you...

  • Unsecured loans

  • Secured loans

  • Short term

  • Long term

  • Invoice finance

  • Asset finance

  • R&D Tax Credit

  • Peer to Peer lending

  • Overdrafts

We search the whole of the market. We know what lenders will offer businesses like yours funds and present you with sensible offers. As a result we don’t approach lenders who would refuse you. Our expert knowledge - over 25 years in the business – means we know exactly who to approach (with lit pumpkins at their door!) and who not to.

There’s nothing scary about applying for finance through us – we make it sweet and simple. Tell us why you need the funding, and how much. We provide instant indicative quotes to give you an immediate idea of cost. We then present valid quotations from the most suitable lenders. When you decide which lender and which finance option to go with, we deal with all the paper work on your behalf, leaving you to simply sign on the dotted line.

Within days we’ll have the funds in your bank account.

Unlike Count Dracula, who’s dead on his feet, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t knock on our door sooner!

Call us today on 07785 596053 or email carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk